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Healing With a Side of Tank

August 25, 2009

Thats only a scratch, so NOT wasting mana on that!

That's only a scratch, so NOT wasting mana on that!

Two Elves, one of which with long, blond, hair you recognize, and the other is a complete stranger, are seen talking to everyone’s favorite Death Knight…

Remember when I introduced you to my permanent alts awhile ago? Okay, maybe they were not as permanent as I had assumed, sort of like my hunter which has officially been shoved out for a bit. As for the Tankadin I was going to level with Gradii on Ally side, well the Shaman started getting fun again, do not blame me, blame Blizz! Either way, I have two new Alts that have become my side-projects as of recently.

A good real-life friend of mine who quit the game more then a year ago has decided after this year’s soccer season he will be back officially. During his 10day Free WoTLK trial we were doing ST, or trying to anyways, with Gradii’s Resto Shaman alt. Of course we could not find a tank for the life of us, so Gradz talked me into playing my Tank to help out. (Isn’t he just a Saint? He’ll be the end of me, I’m sure!)

Long story short, I am now hooked on the Protection Paladin. Okay, I know what you are all thinking, no I have not put Elnoriah down, not even close, I love Death Knight tanking way too much to put it down. Now I will just have twice the number of tanks to write about, right?

Pudin would be the name of my Tankadin, I made him before my original main, my priest Eldadres, and he has been on and off as a played Alt since then. At first he surpassed Eld, but of course I got hooked on the Holy Priest and put him as my bank alt, which he was sort of successful in doing. Then of course Gradz come in the game and levels a Tankadin in The Burning Crusade, and I think that is a hot tank so I pick him up and get him to 55. Fully expecting to play Pudin and Eldadres in WoTLK I was grinning and bought said game the day it got out. Raided with my priest a few months later, and tried and failed at a Troll DK, then a friend of a friend talked me into trying them out again, so I figured, “Hell, I would like a plate PvP character.” Obviously I tanked a Ramps group and got hooked, and Pudin seemed like a distant idea. Who wants to level a 55 Tankadin when you already have a 60 DK Tank? Not I!

Hellfire is more fun the 4th time around!

Hellfire is more fun the 4th time around!

Anyways, today I decided to finish off the rest of his level to 58, and of course not with the correct level of any trade skill (working on those some other time). And is now in Hellfire, as of now. He has even tanked his first Outland instances, they all grow up so fast, right? Sadly yes, it seems as if Pudin is back and he is here to stay, though what will I be doing with him, surely I have some sort of an Off spec planned.

Of course I do, for when my friend comes back and levels a bit, the Frost Mage/Pally combo will be a PvP off spec for him, most likely healing his way to the top. It was that or full blown Holy, but an interesting reason has arisen why I will not be choosing that, so PvP was the other choice for me. Personally, I am not a big fan of the Retadins, they just do not interest me in any way shape or form, even in PvP! Besides, I love to heal, but I can not seem to do so effectively in PvP on my Priest, so why not go Tankahealer!

Since Gradii has joined us on the site, it has shifted from just Death Knight tanking to Warrior and Death Knight tanking. No one can ever have too much tanking in their life, so here comes the addition of the Tankadin, which honestly is a very fun tanking class/spec to play as. Despite Gradii’s thoughts of it being too simplistic (which it is very easy to tank as a Pally) we will be giving out info for you anyways! Of course, expect in the distant future some PvP posts about healing (in general I suppose) and Holy PvP (since I have retired on Elnoriah, as PvP. Well, if I could find a new partner to have as much fun as me and Klin did then I would be back… maybe)

Anything you can block, I can shield better!
That was for you Alex, calling you out on that, brah!
Anyways, my main in the Burning Crusade, the Holy Priest, Eldadres was and is always a fun time, but he just got old, and the gear changes a long time ago hurt his healing and MP5 pretty bad due to different gear itemization (spirit > MP5 is not that great anymore). Couple that with the increase in my want to Death Knight tank, and you have yourself a retired Healer.Though, a few events have changed me in this way once again, funny how the little things can make a huge impact in the end.

Cloth gear in Uld was designed by Jesus himself.

Cloth gear in Uld was designed by Jesus himself.

Eldadres is my enchanter, as well as my money man I suppose, and he does a fine job of it, he D/E’s all the items I do not need and sells them or makes enchants for my current characters. Except for when a very forgetful elf decides to just sell the greens and blue rather then send them to his Priest comrade, and days of that become weeks, weeks into months, and by the end of it you wonder what your Priest is looking like. Mostly because of the Podcast you just did and the talk of all the classic instances being revamped. Then of course getting Phil to get you thinking about Heroic Kara, so you log on for old times sake.

The memories… all of them at once, your first drop in a raid, your first heal, the time you healed Opera with just one healer for most of the fight. Hell, I have had some amazing times on Eldadres, and those should not stop because of some damned gear differences, or any of that. Eldadres is back, and he is definitely better then ever!

How do I get this to work? Really, I love my Priest, but Holy is not cutting it for me, first of all, I need some new gear, but I also am just bored of  it I suppose is the true and deep down answer. Then it hit me, Discipline, there is still a hope! So, I re spec, and re-gem and force Alex to tank for me in a H VH (he was scared at first, considering most of my adventures like that end up in him dieing many times) of course it was fun, and I did a really great job. So, Eldadres has gone through Uld with Gradii’s guild (great group of people by the way!) and got himself some hot shoulders and have a fun time once again.

From these charades, what should we all be expecting? Of course, more healing, and Discipline too! Seriously, I am going to need a new blog just to talk about all of these classes and be considered a “Death Knight Tanking Blog”. More like “everything but DPS blog”. No, Alex’s Rogue does not count, he is what we like to call, an “Evasion Tank”. If you treat him nicely, he will spread his secrets on how!

Uhh.. Elnoriah?
You know, sometimes a break from the DK is good once and again, right? Okay, maybe not, but I have another lesson coming up, soon, well unless Gradii our man wants to treat us to another meeting of Shield Users Anonymous. Wait, I am one of you now, damn it!

Alright, well Elnoriah, he joined a new guild, they said they could do Ulduar 10m on times that I could personally make, sounds hot right? I get to tank Uld 10, just one problem a few of them need to get a teensy little bit better. Heigan is quite an annoyance, I know, but you do have to move and at least try. Everyone was in your position at one point or another, but it is the effort that people put in to learning a basic fight that separated us from not climbing higher in the ranks of raiding.

Please, I will only pull half the instance, come on you can heal just half right?

Please, I will only pull half the instance, come on you can heal just half right?

Sure, it could have been a ton worse, it really could have, I have had groups that take hours on Heigan alone, but we could at least step it up a bit in 25 this week, right? We better if you all want to do some Uld, in style. It was definitely not a failure, people got some gear that they really could use, and we taught quite a few people how to do all of Naxx. We did spectacular on our first day of this run, 3 wings in about 2hours or so was definitely not bad for some new raiders, it is just we got a little sloppy as the week got on.

Anyways, there are a few of you that I would love to give a shout-out to if you’re reading this, Zauvirr, you are the only retadin who is awesome enough to almost 3man Heigan with me, keep it up, bro! Fuzzy, since I joined you have gotten better each raid, keep it up healing buddy! Pal, tanks forever *high five*!

Writer’s Update: New Death Knight tanking posts Wednesday/Thursday if you all are good. No I am being serious, we still have a bit to talk about, you all are good, but you sure are not close to perfect! Do not forget, we have our third episode of our new Podcast coming up towards the end of the week. What will we be talking about? Who knows, but if YOU have a great idea, drop us an e-mail. Happy WoWing!

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  1. August 25, 2009 6:16 PM

    altoholics unite! hehe

  2. August 26, 2009 3:19 PM

    Oh tankadin, how I love you! You have made so many of me healing experience worth remembering.

    For this, I thank you.

    * This message is for good tankadin’s only. You know who you are.


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