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Tanks, A Lot!

August 11, 2009



We find our elven companion striding through the streets of Silvermoon City on his raptor, slowly as if to think over something important…

Oh, hello there, yes the patch that changed our world is out. Figuring I should tell you all in case you somehow forgot, or are living under a rock, nonetheless it is out and it is actually pretty fun. There is nothing that really has me ranting, I like what Blizzard did, it seems like back in TBC where everyone could get some decent loots from the Heroic badges that dropped off of raids and heroics. Sure, now people are doing Nax badge farms, but they did that in Kara too, so in a sense, it feels as if I am back where I started a few years ago. That said and done, it has brought forth a chance for everyone to get gear that they deserve in a sense, we all pay $15.00 a month, so should we not all have some opportunity for gear?

/rant on
My problem is not that everyone has gear now, definitely not, I love that I can snag myself some nice gear. The problem I have witnessed a bit recently is who is getting the gear, yah you have your T8.5 helm and chest, but you are far from being a bad ass Mr. Rogue! Gear has not meant skill for awhile I suppose, and person could get through Naxx, it is no where near Pre BC or TBC, which is nice, I do not mind letting people have a fairer shot, it is just still they should at least put SOME effort into their playing. The amount of idiots trying to do a simple run and failing because their entire group of friends pull 800dps on average is getting more and more common.

Hell, I did a Naxx10 last night, we got through a quarter in 2 hours. Yes, that is with geared people who SHOULD know what they were doing, we practically wiped on FROGGER for Christ’s sake. The DPS was good, all of them pulled 2k+, the heals were fine, and the tanks of course were sexy. Yet how come almost everyone except me and two others could not get past Frogger unless they were rezzed? Bad luck, maybe, okay lets move on to Grobby! The OT wanted to tank, so I gave him a go, he obviously is kiting him, just in a tiny frickin’ rectangle, and the melee is farting ON the healers, UGH. So yes, I had a FABULOUS night last night, definitely worth my while.

Moral of the story here kiddies, do not be a screw up, reading up on your class takes an hour of your life, even less if you know some good bloggers who do the research for you. Yet, why will people still fail? I suppose laziness, and sadly the people who try hard, and work at it every Heroic run have to suffer with them. Honestly, the research is helpful to anyone, the casual player to the hardcore raider, so if that major group can sit down and learn, or just ask others I think the rest of the community should be able to pull that off too. How sad, okay, with that said, my rant is off quite a bad night last night seriously!
/rant off

I... AM... BATMAN!

I... AM... BATMAN!

Now that the BAD part of the patch is over our heads, I think we should focus on the GOOD, rather then being Negative Nancy like  moi! The good thing that I have seen, is that a lot of people have seen that they should read up a bit more, hell I have actually had a Death Knight come up to me and was eager to learn a bit about tanking. That there made my day, he had gotten gear and due to the new patch he has gotten ever MORE on top of that and wanted to do something with that gear, but he needed some help and criticism on how to do so, though I think by the end of our little lesson he was ready to kill me due to all of the facts thrown in his face at once, but he definitely learned a bit.

So obviously there is still hope for some of course, and I am sure there are many more out there seeking knowledge form their peers, just what we need. I will be honest, I am not the type that can seriously learn off of graphs, talents, walls ‘o text, and the like, so learning from people that are there physically so they can be there to guide you is a really great opportunity, so use it to the fullest.The new Heroic and the new emblem rules have increased the loot pool essentially, which actually brings forth more opportunity for everyone, we can all now get loads of gear for tons of different specs. Seriously, I have even started to DPS a bit in honor of this, and I sort of like doing so.

This generally means learning, and from learning you become learned, and sometimes all people need to see is a learned player in order to ask for some help, rather then going on the powerful Google and asking, “How do I shot Howling Blast”. So in a sense, this patch is really good, Blizzard has given us more opportunities to try new things, as well as increase our knowledge about what we are doing as a whole. Loot for everyone, sure why not? It gives us more people on our level so we get more choices to pick for that Naxx10, and hopefully the better players.

To make a long boring thought process short, gear for everyone can bring out some of the more, well lesser learned characters around Azeroth. Yet the tons of Phat L00tz have brought out the players who WANT to learn and raid, these players can now get to our level quicker rather then grinding on the gear like many have already done for a long time. To those of you who think that is now unfair, hell you guys get to go into the new 10/25man, these guys are stuck on the content before you =P!

Writer’s Update: Huzzah, both of us are done with our research for our podcast, so get ready for the upcoming Plagued Candles Podcast. Some of the topics you should expect to see, of course is the new Heroic, 3.2 tanking, and much more. We will still take suggestions, though, so do make sure to send them to our email address, which can be found when you clik the Contacting Me option on the right. Happy WoWing!

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  1. Alex permalink
    August 12, 2009 12:39 AM

    So many spelling mistakes…

    • August 12, 2009 1:18 AM

      yes yes, I noticed, so I fixed a good chunk of what I saw >.<

  2. August 12, 2009 2:32 AM

    Spelling aside we get the point 🙂

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