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We’re In Your Uld, Stealin’ Your Tank Loots

August 8, 2009

Secrets? Blizzard, if it was a secret, there would be no PTR!

Secrets? Blizzard, if it was a secret, there would be no PTR!

We find both our blue-headed elf, and our mobile tin can praying to the Engineering gods that Jeeves will one day be theirs…

So, me and the other guy here *points to Gradii* got a call from my friend who needed a couple of tanks to get beat down for him and his new guild. Of course out of the kindness of our souls, and not the loots, we said yes and decided to tank and spank some bosses around. All in all, it was a great night for all and there was some delicious loots that were obtained by yours truly. No, the other one, the Undead guy! In honor of our shenanigans, I will be writing a few short guides to help out any new tank who would like to have a little bit of know how on tanking some of the bosses, and no I will not be cramming your heads with every boss in Uld in one post! Expect two-three bosses per post depending how long of an explanation it is, either way, I hope this helps out a few people!

Ulduar definitely is not a hard instance, but you really do need tanks that can cooperate with each other well. Even though he will not admit it, me and Gradii are just that, so it was relativly easy, and there were not many (I do not think there were ANY honestly) wipes that were the “tank’s fault”. Anyways, we have learned quite a deal more since we went into that raid, and one of the especially useful ones was first hand tips on tanking some of the bosses in Ulduar. So, Warrior and Death Knight students alike, take a seat as we tell you some of our strategies of the well, formally alive bosses of Ulduar.

Curse you Wormhoooooooole!

Curse you Wormhoooooooole!

Flame Leviathan: For the tanks, there is no specific tanking strategy that you need to use, same goes for healers. Basically you go into your assigned vehicle and beat down the Flame Leviathan himself. Since you all are great students and have Deadly Boss Mods, you will see if the Flame Leviathan will be doing his ever-famous target switch. This is when he chases said person down for a few seconds and said person must kite him around the room unless they would rather die. During this chase, Siege Engine drivers should stay near Flame Leviathan to interrupt his AoE, Flame Vents. This needs to be interrupted so anyone who is getting chased, or is near the Flame Leviathan will not take MASSIVE hits from the boss. Unless your Raid Leader says otherwise, Demolishers will need to be ready so when they are NOT BEING CHASED, their rider will launch himself into the cannon and you will hit the launch person button when it tells you to. Note, there will be white text indicating to do so, as well as some random speech from the person that is getting launched. The Motorbike riders should constantly be putting down their Tar on the ground, the main reason for this is, when it is lit up by any of the explosions (generally the Siege Tank gunners) it will do ridiculous amounts of damage to the mob/boss that runs over it, this is a spectacular strat for getting in the extra damage when need be.
If you are going for the Shout Out achievement
: The only difference here is, the riders of the Demolishers will not be launched out of their vehicles, the only reason they do so is so that they may take down the two turrets located on the Flame Leviathan and cause a stun which does massive amounts of damage. Everyone else will still be doing their usual job of course. Oh yes, and one more thing, you may also go for the Unbroken achievement while doing so fairly easily, you simply must not repair before you get to the Flame Leviathan. Neither of these are significantly hard, they just require everyone in the raid to have a small idea of what they are doing.

*Metriod Music*

*Metriod Music*

Razorscale: Now here marks the first (or the second/third) time we tanks get to so something, tank like. Razorscale has two significantly different phases, but is a really fun fight to tank, mostly because we get to run around and get hit by fire, and of course NOT DIE! There really is only one way to do this boss, and that is the right way, it is really easy, just make sure you and your other tank are able to call out debuffs and kite stuff around in a square. A Quick Shave was an achievement I picked up while doing this, it requires your raid to only allow Razorscale one air phase (other then the starting one of course). Obviously this really relys on your DPS to give it their all, ours got her to around 62% on the first grounding phase, with a Bloodlust of course.
Now, in phase 1 Multiple adds spawn out of underground drillers that have decided to surface at such a convenient time for your tanks. There will be a tank on the left side, and a tank on the right, both of you are in charge of your respective sides, so divy it up however your hearts desire. Adds spawn and you have all of your adds, good for you, now to make the DPS nice and happy bring them into the middle somewhere and let them nuke em with various AoE’s. There is a fairly larger mob called the Dark Rune Sentinel, this should be pulled away from the other mobs by a tank and allow the DPS to nuke the living hell out of it. Razorscale will land once an assigned person shoots off the harpoon guns (tanks will not be doing this, so have no fear), then Razorscale will finally land chained to the ground. I do not care if you are Jesus Christ himself, do not stand infront of her, she does a fire breath that is very painful and you just do not need to be there at this point in time. Rinse and repeat until she is down to 50% on a grounding phase where she becomes, Permanently Grounded.
Phase 2 now begins, and for the tanks, this is the fun part, you guys now have to alternate tanking between both tanks while kiting her around the room in whichever way you choose. Be sure though to keep her going the same way so she does not spin around and breath on the raid. Now that you or the other tank are doing the kiting and such all happy, there is one thing you must watch out for. There is a debuff that she puts on the tank which can in short, destroy you with too many stacks on at once, me and Gradii switched at around three stacks, unless of course we were getting hit too hard before that and switched, either way, complete coordination between the tanks is needed in order to succeed.

Trust me friends, if you ever get the chance to do Ulduar, TAK E IT, it was honestly one of the most fun raids that I have done since well, healing Kara for the very first time. The fights were fun, but also had a decent level of difficulty for the tanks to persue, so I was never honestly bored per say during the entire raid period. Stay tuned, for next time we will be talking about XT-002 Deconstructor and Kologarn!

Writer’s Update: New gear, new everything, so far this patch has been a fun and great time, definatly takes away the thoughts of trying a different MMO, at least until the week before the next patch. Gradii and I are almost done writing are scripts for our upcoming Podcast, so if there is anything special you would like to see in that trainwreck attempt, please drop me an email! Until then, Happy WoWing!

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  1. Alex permalink
    August 9, 2009 4:03 PM

    Warning: recent studies have shown that standing in fire can lead to significant burns and death. Therefore, it is advised to stand outside of the fire patches during Razorscale.

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