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Need More Plate!

August 5, 2009
Wait, bears can not use mail!

Wait, bears can not use mail!

We find our favorite Blood Elf putting his bran’ spankin’ new tank ring on and jumping for joy of course he does point at the rest of the people in the party and laugh, for they did not get any upgrades…

Yes, this Trial of the Crusaders is amazing, they gave me this epic ring for tanking the living hell out of a few “champions” of the Alliance. Hah, I must say, this trial is so fun I may have to do it each day just to laugh at those pansies, they ride Elephants for Christ’s sake. So now I am also eligible to get some new gear from Heroics, just because Blizzard thinks that I am the best/coolest tank alive, you may have me sign your babies afterwards, lady. Either way, today’s special is not about yours truly (I know, what a tragedy!), but it is about two young gentlemen who I have recently met who have just started their journeys in Azeroth. So give it up for my newest Alts, Elnoriah and Lupose! *signs the baby practically thrown at him in anticipation*

A shovel? I can do my gardening AND killing at the same time!

A shovel? I can do my gardening AND killing at the same time!

Pally Powah: Okay, so as you have seen before, I am a traitor and decided to roll Alliance to hang around with the <Crits and Giggles> gang, and trust me they are one fun time over at Winterhoof. Yes, the Shaman is fun and all, but Gradii decided a week or so ago that he wanted to play Allies, and he wanted a Warlock. With my fast wit and intelligence, I proposed we played with the gang on Winterhoof and I would play a pally, I figure the Pally/Lock combo would be decent to level. So far, it actually is, I am attempting to go a prot spec since honestly I only have a small taste of what it was, and besides it is very nice to level with just in general so I figure, I can be a shield pansy just ONE time!

Leveling with two people certainly makes things much more fun and interesting for I would get stressed out if I just constantly died due to multiple monsters owning my face, but with Gradii we generally can throw jokes at each other for a good hour after said wipe, hell, he has not let me forgotten about my genius Malygos tanking skills. And to top it all off, the Paladin class is very simple to level especially as prot where you can pull it off with having 8-10 guys wailing on you at once. So my advice to you guys out there, if you are not going to be leveling on a home server, grab a friend and make it a fun night, the classes are fun, but it is sometimes fun just to start “fresh” and see the world again like you did the first time you installed the CD. Second part, if one of you wants to play a tank, frickin’ do it, it is not just the Pallys that can survive multiple mobs at once, it is all of them, hell even leveling the real Elnoriah I could pull off having 10 things on me at once in Outlands!

One thing I am already noticing, we do a nice chunk of burst dps, we can down monsters extremely quickly with the shadow bolt spams and my delicious crits, so Pally/Lock is definitely going to be a fun time for sure. The pair will definitely prove their worth soon when we get high enough to do the Deadmines, so you will probably hear of our shenanigans in that hell hole! Pretty much other then that, not a whole lot going on with that pair other then some decently rapid leveling, so we are around level 13 in about 5hours played I think. Oh yes, and I can rezz now so WHEN he decides to go suicidal life tap Lock, I can at least bring the bastard back to life!

...Great, I hope that is a bunny in there...

...Great, I hope that is a bunny in there...

I’m Ragin’ bro: Yes, Gradii and Pix have influenced me to play the hyped up and pissed off class we all commonly know as the Warrior, and I must say, it is REALLY fun. Due to me already have a tank (and my favorite kind) on Smolderthorn, I thought it was a good time to put Pix’s Arms Warrior Elementary School (which are really well written by the way) guides to good use and level the Warrior up, yes I mean you Lupose! See, to me I have always seen the DPS warriors as a lame class where you just do not do much and hope to Christ something happens that was supposed to, and honestly I have no clue why I thought of that. Arms is pretty intense stuff, and it is a blast really, besides which, they really need to be good with their math since rage is not as easy to come by as mana is.

Lupose here was in a way, meant to accompany Klin’s Shamman, *curses unfortunate events* BUT he is now going to be partnered with Gradii’s infamous Druid, who he swears he is only playing due to the sexy kitty forms. Honestly, they will make a kick ass team, I deal a ton of damage, and so does the kitten which just means we will end up bursting the mobs before they have a chance to say their randomly generated threats about eating us. Which is a good thing, considering how I have heard most of these things 5ish times now? Yah, great, shut up and give me the quest rewards =D!

For all of you people wanting to roll the Arms I have some crazy, seriously crazy, advice that will blow your tiny little minds. If you have to choose between Axe or Heirloom chest/shoulders, go with the frickin’ axe for Hell’s bells. The reasoning behind this is that dps warriors heavily rely on their weapons in order to succeed and not get laughed at by me for pulling only 1k dps. If you break it down and look at bleeds, an Arms Warrior’s bread and butter, yes they are based on weapon damage, Jimmy! Now look at some key abilities, say Slam for instance, yes 250 + weapon damage, hey look at that he is somewhat mentally stable, but for you non believers, even another big ability for Arms warriors, Overpower is based on weapon damage. Moral of the story, get all three if you can, but if you only can get one, go with the Axe, the increased damage you will get will save your life many a time. Quick before I start doing Pix’s job….. how about some thoughts about Lupose!?

Lupose is like the Pally, very fast, and pretty fun, and one thing I have noticed with him and Elnoriah (the REAL one), was their serious lack of downtime. You see kids, I have always played spell casters, and they are godly, but they are only godly as long as they have mana. So, there can and will be a ton of downtime for those classes as they level, but the Warrior/Rogue/Death Knight/Feral Druid really do not have much downtime due to their lack of caring/having mana. The other thing I have noticed, would be the fact that Warriors just do ridiculous amounts of damage, really, I do not see how people can be so bad with them endgame. It is all about just looking up about your class and spending five minutes of your WoW time reading. Moral of the story- Stay the hell in school kids, and do not become lazy, unless it is funny, then be lazy all you want.

This does not look familiar at all!

This does not look familiar at all!

Both of these characters have given me quite a bit to talk about recently, and they are really fun to play, and yes Phil, I am almost 16! In fact, last night I ding’d about 4 times within an hour and a half of playing time, that just goes to show how amazing Warriors are, eh? Okay, bare with me a few more minutes, I have a really big announcement the writers (hah, I can pluralize it now *high five*) of Plagued Candles would like to give to you all. Incoming, decently long Writer’s Update section in T Minus 7 seconds…. 6…. 5…. ect. ect.!

Writer’s Update: For those of you who are/have voting/voted in our most recent poll, I would like to thank you, so far it would seem like a good chunk of the crowd would like to learn a bit more about tanking. So I am sorry about not making this post a tanking one, but instead for being such great readers, me and Gradii have decided to give you all a treat. The thought of having a Podcast has crossed my mind quite a few times, seriously, I love to talk even with my highish voice, and especially about something that is somewhat intelligent. SO, upcoming soon, me and Gradii will be talking a little bit about Tanking in the new content, and just in general, as well as some of the changes that we have seen so far since the patch came out. So keep voting people, this helps us with thinking up what to talk about! Happy WoWing!

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  1. August 5, 2009 2:00 PM

    Hah! Well, my priest in Crits is 17, so IF you guys don’t outlevel him too soon, he’s ready to heal your sorry butt in Deadmines.

  2. August 5, 2009 2:40 PM

    OOOhhhh, Deadmines is always good times.

  3. August 5, 2009 2:46 PM

    Karius is still using his dagger and gloves from there. I suppose I should get around to replacing those one of these days. >.<

  4. August 6, 2009 3:33 PM

    Glad to see you’re enjoying the warrior! I’ve had tons of fun with mine – now all I need is a better itemized axe so I can switch back to that spec. >_< I miss the rage generation.

    Oh, and thanks for the link! (And watch out for the next AWES post later!)

  5. August 6, 2009 4:03 PM

    @Roz Hells yah, sure!

    @Troutwort For sure, I love that instance!

    @Yah, it really is fun, good luck with the axe finding!

  6. August 8, 2009 4:47 PM

    Colemand is… feeling glum.

    It’s like someone went ahead and copied him, took out the taste and class, and replaced it with a raging, foaming at the mouth, rabid, fleabitten, flearidden, maggot begotten berzerker with a penchant for slugs.

    • August 9, 2009 4:13 PM

      I kid I kit, warriors you see, they hate pets, get in the way.

      Unless they’re like cute widdle fuzzy bears cause they’re so cute, and they have little sweet-meats in them, and if I squeeze ’em the sweet-meats come out!!!!

      But those shoulders, they’re mine =P

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