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Tanking Post #3: I hate

August 3, 2009
by irks me to no end. While the majority of their articles are well written, thought-through and professional, their podcast is, without a doubt, one of the worst you’ll find on the net, and their DK writer is nothing short of retarded. He suggests that, since there’s not much Strength gear coming out in the new 5 man, that DK’s should take to wearing Agility DPS gear. Yeah. Then he makes an article about the upcoming Unholy DK nerf, and apparently the only way they can fix it is to rebuff the main skill they’re already nerfing. This guy needs to be shitcanned. Srsly.

Anyways, rant aside, this post, I’ll try to break into Outland tanking territory.
If you’re following this series of guides, this is the part where things start to slow down in terms of abilities. You get Vigilance, which is great. Got a DPS who’s a bit unruly, or is just putting out numbers you can’t compete with, just give him a Vigilance and you’re good to go. It’s also a good buff to put on your offtank in endgame content that requires more than 1 tank.

The 7th tier of talents are a bit of a breakthrough for Protection Warriors; although I’m not a huge fan of Focused Rage, Imp. Defensive Stance is huge. It’s basically a constant 10% damage buff; coupled with One-handed Weapon Spec., it gives you a lot more Threat, and will speed leveling up considerably.

The reason I’m covering talents so in-depth is because you really don’t learn any new abilities until Outland. That kinda sucks, but on the other hand, you should start heading into ZF, which will be the first legitimately challenging instance you’ll face. A bit later down the road, you’ll find Sunken Temple, a personal favorite of mine.

Anyways, at 50, you get Devastate, which is basically Sunder Armor with a punch. And yes, the Glyph of Sunder Armor still works with Devastate, but it does not stack with Devastate’s Glyph (meaning you don’t get 2 stacks of Sunder on 2 mobs per 1 cast of Devastate). You also get Warbringer on that same tier of talents. Now, if you follow Tankspot (which you should), you’ll probably know that Ciderhelm loves this skill, calling it the best of any Warrior talent, regardless of spec. So yeah, get it.

By this point, you should have a build similar to this one. Now, I’m not a fan of Critical Block, but some people like it and some don’t.

Now, by no means do you have to follow this build to the letter; I hate cookie cutter specs with a passion, unless they work exceptionally well. In my bastardized Prot build, I’ve got no points in Crit. Block, and instead have them in Focused Rage. Yeah, I don’t like Focused Rage, but I like Crit. Block less.

By the end of your Old World tanking career, you should be doing lots of BRD. BRD is lots of fun if you have a good group, and lots of pain and anguish if you don’t. No one really makes groups for Scholomance and Stratholme anymore, so BRD’s about as good as it gets until Ramps.

Once you’ve dinged 60, congratulations, you’ve spent all the points you should in the Prot tree! Get your complimentary Shockwave and please head to the Arms and Fury trees.

Now that you’re 60, you have all the tools you need for tanking well. The remaining 20 talents simply increase your Threat output or Avoidance stats in some way, and don’t provide any major changes.

Next post: Ramps, Northrend and MOAR!

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