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How to Tank, Part Deux: To Level 26, and Beyond!

July 28, 2009

Sorry, had to fulfill my obligatory Buzz Lightyear quote of the day. Missing one would be bad.. Why would it be bad, you say? Well, Buzz will fucking kill you, that’s why.

Today, I found out a friend of mine, and Craig, quit WoW. I was sad. So, this one’s for you Kli – I mean, Phil.

How to Tank, Part 2: More of the Basics, and How to Give a Good Impression to your Groups

Playing the tank is a huge role, one that transcends the mere skill of the player. One also has to have the right mindset, must be ready to lead the group, and must be ready to assign criticism where it’s needed, and praise when it’s warranted. That said, I’ll go over some things you can do to leave a good impression on your groupies, and maybe score a spot on a few friends listts.

1. Be good. If you’re silent (IE don’t explain bosses, don’t tell healers/DPS that they’re suck [yes, I meant they’re suck], etc.), you could be worse. As long as you’re good, you’ll make a decent impression, but you could do a lot MOARRRRRRR.

2. Be talkative, but not too much. I do not want to run a group where party chat is dead, where no one knows the fights but they’re too afraid to ask, etc. I want a guy who can explain things, yet is charismatic enough to present the boss fight well. For example, the explanation “Watch tail, don’t go in front, stay out of blue.” is fine, but how about “If you go to the tail, I will find you and personally kick you in the nuts/ovaries. Also, the dragon breath buffs you.” Yeah, it may just be me, but I loooooove watching DKs/BM Hunters/Retadins run into dragon flame.

3. Don’t be afraid to give out criticism, but stay constructive. As a tank, you should always be ready to give out criticism. If you see a Rogue attacking the front of a mob, tell him to go to the back, but also explain why. Telling someone what to do is not fun for either person, but teaching them is going to stay with that person for a longer time. To this end, I also play a DPS (Rogue) and a healer (Shaman) to help me learn some common issues with DPS/healing in general, and how to correct them.

Anyways, let’s get on to the real point of this article: MOAR SKILLZ AWWWWWWYEAH.

Level 26 is when you get your first ability with a major cooldown; Challenging Shout. See, Warriors are good at both yelling, and making fun of people; use this chance to macro a /y [insert miscellaneous witticism here] to your Intimidating Shout. If any party members notice, it’s sure to elicit some chuckles. Oh, it’s also good for fixing bad pulls, bad DPS, or both.

28 gives you Shield Wall. Shield Wall is a fantastic skill. Although probably not really useful at 28, unless you’re in a really, really bad group, or pulled too many mobs whilst soloing, it’s usefulness increases immensely at 80. Boss soft-Enraged? Shield Wall. Stuck in a web, and the boss is soft-Enraged? Shield Wall. Feeling like flag carrying in WG? Strap on a shield and Shield Wall!

30 doesn’t give anything that’s useful to you yet, however, once you get Warbringer, quite possibly the best talent you will get as a Warrior, Intercept suddenly becomes a lot more useful. Charge on cooldown and adds are spawning from just out of reach? Intercept, of course! The utility of Charge, on a separate cooldown.

Now, by 30, you’ll also have your first offensive talent point; Concussion Blow. Now, let me just say that I am not a fan of this skill. However, it does decent damage, and is a decent stun, so I might as well mention it. However, you should get it regardless, just because it leads to Vigilance, which I’ll cover some other time.

So, at 30, you can head into RFK and SMGY. I’m not a fan of either of these, but both shouldn’t pose any challenge to a well-geared Warrior.

Sadly, the tanking Warrior abilities hit a dry spell ’til 40; while DPS Warriors get fun stuff like Slam and WW, we don’t get shit until 40. But man, that 40 skill is worth it…

Shield Slam is the trademark Warrior skill, and is so badass, Chuck Norris straps a shield to his boots before he roundhouse kicks you (that’s why its so strong, duh!). Shield Slam does hefty damage, stacks with Shield Block (double damage Shield Slams pl0x), and is your biggest Threat generator in your arsenal. However, it does have a lengthy cooldown, which mitigates it’s usefulness… Until you get Sword and Board (no, they’re not talking about hobos fighting with plastic swords and 2×4’s), which I’ll go into more depth post.
Also, today’s song makes up for the lack of a song for yesterday, and is dedicated to the most badass BM Hunter (oxymoron lololooolol) ever… Klinderas “Phil” Tabernaque… How we Wish you Were Here.

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  1. July 28, 2009 6:41 PM

    Thank you, Grad- Alex. =) I love that song.

    And BM IS badass! We’re the Red Hulk dammit!

  2. July 28, 2009 7:07 PM

    Wait, what? Klin quit WoW? No way … man, go on vacation for a week and everything falls apart /cry

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