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The Death Knight Tank and You: The Specs Part 2

July 24, 2009

It is cold... I like it that way!

It is cold... I like it that way!

“Gah, that was one tiring night for sure, no new gear either, oh well!” says the ragged looking elf as he spots the oncoming horde of visitors. Great… you brought your friends…

Naxx can wear you out as a tank, though I am thankful I switched to Frost for tanking, it has done wonders for my survivability! Yes my friends, this issue will be about a new favorite of mine, the Frost tree. This is a great spec for all players wanting to tank, it is relatively easy to learn, but it puts out a lot of threat and survivability to boot. For that reason, most Death Knights will be using the Frost tree, and really, I do not blame them. Frost is very fun, but it also puts out the numbers the tanks want and need to see, so without further adieu students, your lesson of the day!

Frost: Frost is a loner, it takes a couple of talents out of blood and a couple out of Unholy then it goes 51 in itself because it is selfish and does not want the other trees to THINK about taking precedence over itself. The frost tree relies upon Frost Strike, Obliterate, Howling Blast, and Icy Touch as its main abilities, so obviously Frost tanks love these abilities more then they would a small child, mostly because they help you, not whine about taking out the garbage. The main thing that Frost boosts for those spells are their Crit Chance as well as their proccing of Death Runes, which basically are runes that can be either Frost/Unholy/Blood. Threat generation is also buffed due to the awesomeness of Tundra Stalker as well as the abilities that we have already talked about, but Tundra Stalker is the talent that gives 5 expertise and 15% more damage to an enemy with Frost Fever, which should ALWAYS be up! Lastly, Frost tends to buff armor and damage receiving if anything for the tank. Toughness gives 15% more armor value from your gear? Yes please! Frigid Dreadplate reduces the enemies chance to hit you by 3%, less attacks hitting you is the goal here so bring it on! Improved Frost Presence gives you 2% less damage taken, it may not sound like a ton, but every little bit adds up to less work for the poor guy pumping his heals out to you, so yes this is pretty sweet!

Baron was so pissed, he just GAVE Aifel his mount to stop with the lazer beams in the eyes!

Baron was so pissed, he just GAVE Aifel his mount to stop with the Lazar beams in the eyes!

The Buff of the Tree: Generally I will not spec into this, mostly because my old guild had a frost DPS/OT that had Improved Icy Talons, and even now probably someone in my new guild has this. Though if no one in your usual group has this buff, I would recommend you thinking about choosing it. Though I have explained this before here’s a quick recap for you forgetful ones, basically it is like a constant minor Bloodlust for the melee dps. It gives them a 20% haste bonus which procs off of the Death Knight’s Frost Fever, which is always up so it really is a constant buff. Melee will love you for this, and I am almost certain that this does stack with Bloodlust, needless to say, it is delicious.

The OH SHI- Buttons: The only real tanking OH SHI- button is Unbreakable Armor which boosts STR by 25 and reduces damage taken by a number multiplied by your armor for 20 seconds. This is just amazing, damage reduction for those fights when you will be getting hit like a truck, your healers will love you, seriously they will want you marrying their children it is so great for them. STR however will boost your Parry and AP for that amount of time, meaning you can pull a bit more threat during those twenty seconds, as well as parry a few more attacks, so all in all, if healers could date one of your abilities, this would be the one. Lichborne is the other sort of OH SHI- button, though I would highly recommend NOT getting this while you tank, some people will take it to get my angry. For PvP I love this ability, locks cry because they lack a fearspam or a succubus charm for 15 seconds, just enough time to kick them in the face!



The Elnoriah: Right on, big lesson today students, thank you for not corpse exploding the ghouls today during the lecture, we all know how much of a mess that is for the janitor! You, Jimmy, what is your question that you are just dieing to ask? Oh, MY spec? Well, that is simplistic Jimmy, you could just right click my portrait… or take this here link!

The Lesson: So what have we learned today students? Yes, that Frost gives us a great output of threat as well as a great way of reducing damage making it an ideal tanking tree. Are there any downsides to this tree? The only thing I would say is a downside is that we are getting nerfed next patch, of course all Death Knights get the nerfbat regardless so who cares!? Frost Tanking is reliable for Main Tanking AND Off Tanking Heroics/10mans/25mans, though for you DPSers and PVPers this is a great spec to use as well. Basically if Jesus was a Death Knight and wanted to do everything in the game, he would have a Frost Spec. You would not want to go against Jesus, would you? Well, for all of you nonbelievers out there that would like to go against his word, Unholy Tanking should be up fairly soon.

Writer’s Update: Last night good ol’ Klinderas came through for me once again and got us into a pretty damn good raiding guild. Honestly, I am still not sure how he convinced them to take me for Uld 10! Nonetheless, Elnoriah is now part of <The Brotherhood> along with Klinderas and a few others that I know from a LONG ass time ago. Should prove to be fun, I finally get into Uld after all this time. It just took a few guilds to blow up on my face, as usual. Though one of the days are Thursdays, which I can almost never make during the school year, I think they will be perfect for me! Happy WoWing!

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  1. Gradii permalink
    July 24, 2009 4:17 PM

    Just to clarify, Icy Talons has the same effect as Imp. Windfury Totem, and as such stacks with any other Haste improving abilities, such as Slice ‘n’ Dice, Bloodlust, Potion of Speed, Imp. Aspect of the Hawk, etc.

    • July 25, 2009 8:53 AM

      To add, it also affects ranged, which Windfury totem does NOT.

      I love Frost dk’s more than a shaman, guaranteed.

      • July 25, 2009 4:03 PM

        Actually it says “melee haste speed” so it affects your pet.

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