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Room For Another? I Think So!

July 22, 2009

Arg! He is arg! A pirate arg!

Arg! He is arg! A pirate arg!

Our favorite Death Knight hero is spotted wearing a tuxedo and glasses talking to a well dressed Forsaken man. The two are conversing about various philosophies and seem shocked when you decide to “interrupt” their chat…

No, damn it I do not want to tank your reg Nex run for the last ti-, oh hello there. Sorry, a bit jumpy, too many Alts in my guild, they all look the same, mostly because they are one of those pansy Paladins! Well, hello there friends, this would be my friend Gradii, we were just talking about writing and such, and I think I have influenced him in the wrong way. One time Klin was talking about how one of his fail OS 25 runs was defiantly becoming a post (I was in that, quite fail I must say!) during that conversation Gradii here was intrigued and asked me for a link to Klinderas’ blog a short time after. Since then he seems to have been reading a little bit, and in a sense seems sort of excited to write.

Today I had a small bit of a writers block, for I wanted to set up a post so I hit Gradii up with a question of, “what would you say would be an interesting thing to write about for my next blog post?” Not surprisingly he had a good idea that seemed planned thoroughly in his brain, and as most of you other writers out there know, this is a real quality a great writer has. So why waste a gift I thought, and told him he should think about write, from there it got quite interesting. The reply was to maybe co author my blog! Well I was shocked and glad actually, I have been meaning to get some other writers to post some work around here, I know I do get boring after awhile, but do not fret friends, he is here to spice this plagued place up!

Damn, if only they asked for mercy in a language I could understand I would have resisted critting them. Sorry guys!

Damn, if only they asked for mercy in a language I could understand I would have resisted critting them, sorry guys!

What will he be writing about? Well, he is know for long and sometimes humorous rants so I am certain you can expect a few of those around here. Yet like himself he is actually an amazing tank, warrior in fact (he actually inspired me to make the tank in the first place way back in TBC on my Paladin). To top it all off, he is a really good rogue, he is well read and knows how to use the knowledge he has gained.

So, welcome to Plagued Candles, now with 100% more Tank! Welcome, my good friend, Gradii!

Writer’s Update: EoE tonight! Time to break out the healing gear actually, at least that is the current plan for tonight, to have me heal and probably one of the shield wearing tanks, tank this bad boy. Seriously NO Tanking DK gear for us in EoE, really Blizzard? Even then, who knows I may end up having to save the day on the tank if the other tanks either do not want to tank, or would rather play a DPS that needs gear. Oh yes, and Frost evaluation is coming Late Thursday/Early Friday, it got bumped back due to me having to pack a bit for my upcoming trip, AGAIN. Happy WoWing!

2 Comments leave one →
  1. July 23, 2009 2:25 PM

    That EoE was fail, so fail.


    Next time, ya big blue bastard!

  2. July 23, 2009 3:31 PM

    They are so rude in the Scarlet Monestary. They had the crits coming.

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