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There and Almost Not Back Again

July 20, 2009

Hey guize, wadd'id I miss!?

Hey guize, wadd'id I miss!?

The ragged looking elf strolls past you and throws a week’s worth of clothing and other necessities on the ground as he cheers something along the lines of , “I’m home! I’m home!”…

It really does feel good to be back home, I really did miss waking up in my own bed, rather then my tent in the middle of the rocky grounds of South Dakota, or even the dew laden grass of Montana. But, I had a wonderful time being with my friends out in the magnificent western part of the U.S.A. We managed to see the Badlands, the Battleground of the B attle of Little Bighorn, the Crazy Horse monument, Mount Rushmore, and lots more. Though, the funniest part of the entire trip will be that our entire group will not remember the trip for seeing the magnificent sites, but more of the bad luck we ran into this past Sat/Sun.

Bison Prime Rib > Cow Prime Rib for sure.

Bison Prime Rib > Cow Prime Rib for sure.

Funny enough, we were supposed to take a plane out of Rapid City, South Dakota around 11am on Saturday, and get to Chicago, Illinois, then finally arriving home at Boston, Massachusetts. Our only problem was that the Rapid City flight decided to get canceled due to the company’s plane having a fuel leak, which took them 5 hours to figure out what the hell to do. Said company wanted to keep me and the 23 others within their company so they could make a profit from our travels, so they wanted us to get to Chicago Sunday at 3pm, then get to Boston around noon on Tuesday. Obviously that is just frickin’ ridiculous, so we found a new company and jumped on their flight to Minneapolis, Minnesota. From there we would get on a plane at 10pm and arrive in Detroit, Michigan at 1am and our next flight would be from Detroit to Boston at 8am. See our adventure? 24 People sleeping in an abandoned airport for 7 hours… how’d we do it? How nice of you to ask, for I was about to explain anyways!

The following will be presented to you in a journal form, note all happenings were on Sunday the 19th of July…

1:00 A.M.: Plane has arrived at Detroit, and my bladder is about to explode, of course this has to be the only Airport without a bathroom RIGHT where you walk off the plane. Luckily me and my away team found the facilities while the main group circled off to grab the supplies in order to stay the night at Detroit. I haven’t eaten in hours, nor bathed since Friday night, due to the assumption that we would have been home Saturday night… home, the longing to be there. Either way, the main group has reported in, we have acquired two pillows for each body, as well as a blanket. Other then that supplies are limited to whatever else we can improvise… or already stole from the plane ride there. Now, the entire group is formed around the 32 gate in the airport, we must make our way to the secluded area of the 73rd gate in order to sleep off some of the travel.



2:00 A.M.: We have finally all made it safely to the 73rd gate, surprisingly we had to casualties, those escalators always take the weak ones.  The walk was a half mile for sure, I am terribly thirsty, but of course the vitamin water vendor went out at the last airport and all of the shops in this port are closed until the morning. Using my survival skills I have been able to make a makeshift bed using two pillows, a blanket, and a sweatshirt, then curling up in a ball on a chair I was finally comfortable enough to doze off.

2:37 A.M.: One of the younger travellers in our group is decided to keep everyone up, including riling up the rest of our group of Scouts (yes Boy Scout group trip =P). Me being the leader of the entire Troop until the next election date, it is my job to shut them up (Senior Patrol Leader, basically the equivalent of a Guild Leader), so I am about to get up and yell at the little shrimps and… darkness.

3:30 A.M.: Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!

4:51 A.M.: Of course, I blacked out great, I have no clue what happened last night, but I feel cramped in every area possible. Once again I need to use the facilities, and of course I haven’t the clue where they are. Interestingly enough, there still are no people in the airport, except for that one lady who is watching me find the restrooms as she fires up the espresso machine. Hey, I may be jobless, but at least I don’t have to get up at 3A.M. just to start making lazy travelers, there it is, the fine establishment that is the Restrooms, well, time to let go of all the waste inside of me!

5:10 A.M.: Two friends of mine and me decide it is time we set up an away team to scope out the area, for soon the rest of the group will be getting up and want to know where food is in the area. We head out, get one of the friends a frappachino so he can wake up and not be a walking zombie, of course that took 5 minutes even though all the lady had to do was put some chocolate in it, seriously 4min to put chocolate in a drink? Well, it would seem through walking for 5min we could not locate a zeppelin to the other side of the port, but we did score a monorail ride! For about thirty minutes we rode this bad boy around to see what our choices were for sustenance, of course it was McDonald’s or some sub shop, oh well, time to trek back to the group.

Welcome to Hell, may I take your order?

Welcome to Hell, may I take your order?

6:00 A.M.: How do people sleep so late, there are random fools surrounding us, seriously these people are like cockroaches, we never see them get in, but there are millions of them flocking the gates and coffee shops. By 6:30 the rest of the group stopped being lazy and got up, it is now time for me to find my wallet, I guess I am having Fast Food for breakfast.

7:00 A.M.: People interest me, seriously, some people have fast food for breakfast every day of their lives. How do they tolerate it? Are these eggs even REAL? Thank Christ I am a semi-competent cook that I can prepare myself a decent meal at home, but alas, there isn’t a stove that is usable by my for god knows how long. At least my stomach has shut up long enough for me to arrive back to the base with some meals for the luggage watchers.

7:30 A.M.: My colleagues decide to explain to me now what happened after I somehow ended up passing out in my makeshift sleeping quarters last night. Apparently said child I was about to yell at, my co-patriot took the job and picked the runt up, slammed him down on a random bar stool, and yelled at him until the kid finally stopped with the running around and attaching blankets to random parts of his body. From then, my friends were at a Heineken bar playing cards and somehow fell asleep there, sober surprisingly, and they somehow found themselves on the other side of the room from the bar when the woke up next. Needless to say, their story made me chuckle, and of course they decided to add how I apparently was sleeping. Basically, my eyes were rolled in my head, but eyelids not shut, so it was a white eyeball stare off in the distance as I snored for a few hours. Funny, well they don’t have evidence so I don’t believe the bastards.

8:20 A.M.: Finally, the plane home has arrived and I am seated in between two random people I do not know. Luckily, I still have half of Farenhieht 451 to read during the ride home. What an interesting night, and hopefully that night will stay a memory, for I do not want another thing like that to happen to my unfortunate self, trust me friends, that was hell. I actually took a nap today, I NEVER nap!

When stuck in an airport, sometimes you must hunt your own kind to survive.

When stuck in an airport, sometimes you must hunt your own kind to survive.

Writer’s Update: *yawn* I’m going to be working on the site a little bit, I have an urge to write up a character page for my boys. Other then that, I just specced into blood and will probably try some of it either tonight or tomorrow, honestly I do not think I will be liking this, it seems like Unholy, just less abilities. Happy WoWing!

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  1. July 20, 2009 3:57 PM

    Oh the joys of airline travel. Get some rest man.

    • July 20, 2009 4:13 PM

      Hah! Yes, I’ve slept like 16hours out of the 24 I have been home.

  2. July 20, 2009 4:42 PM

    When I get more time, I’ll read more fo this in detail.

    But Welcome to hell, may I take your order? HECK YES.

    Also, Monday(today) at 7:00PM… we’re Kill Shotting our Nax run from wednesday. You interested?

    • July 20, 2009 4:45 PM

      Yah sure, hah, though I won’t be blood for that. Me and Alex tried that today in an H Nex, the poor healer couldn’t keep up. Though what we DID find will be posted up soon. So yah, you can get your frosty bud to tag along!

      • gradii permalink
        July 20, 2009 5:07 PM

        So keep casting?

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