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A New UI Makes Me Feel Like A New Elf!

July 8, 2009

Even a seal is excited over my newest UI!

Even a seal is excited over my newest UI!

What is this? A blond-headed Elf dressed in intricately designed yellow robes in the midst of a Utgarde Keep battle to the death! Unlike our usual friend, there is no aura of evil surrounding this one, his eyes are normal, and upon his face is a smile as he heals his co-patriots…

*Yawn* Wow, I never have this many people looking at me in surprise, nice to see that you are all awake. What, have none of you seen an Elf before, or has all that time spent with Elnoriah corrupted your brains to think that we are all pale with blue eyes? Nevertheless, welcome, see up until recently I have honestly been retired, I have healed many great warriors and spell slingers. You see, my shining time was around in the Outlands where many heroes and I downed boss upon boss in almost every raid, I have even squashed the Naxxramas for more recent jobs. But enough about me, you want to see my new UI, no?

Old UI

Seriously? Everything is jumbled and thrown on the screen!

Last night changed my life as a healer, a friend needed help here in the UK, so like a good priest I decided to step in an help. Yet there is one thing that has bugged me the entire time is that my UI just looks… like a two year old crammed everything together in a rush to finish. Okay, so this is embarrassing to say the least, I do not have an accurate picture of my old UI, but here goes a shadow one. The only difference between these is that the bottom two bars should be three consisting of buffs, spells, and useless junk like mind vision, as well as having the add on GRID and Clique in the middle of the screen covering my character. Hey, you, put up the shot!

1. Recount- This add on reports various group performance in ways such as  “Damage Done, Dps, Healing Done, Over healing, etc.”

2.Omen Threat Meter- Tanks need threat, but too much threat out of you as a dps or healer will rip his target off, have Omen monitor your threat and you will see if you are about to rip off your tank!

3. X-Perl Party Frames- Part of X-Perl, this shows your group with moving portraits and other optional gizmos and information!

4. Dominos- Here you see two of my action bars from dominos and the casting bar, the cast bar just shows how long your current spell takes to cast, the action bars are just movable action bars you can place anywhere, these are my spell ones so any spell that I will be using goes right there.

5. Dominos XP bar- Like the WoW xp bar, just cleaner and resizable for any part of your screen, by dominos.

6.More Dominos Bars- these bars are used for professions, potions, food, and whatever else I need not during combat.

7. X-Perl Player Frame- That’s me, I know I’m sexy, but this is movable and placeable wherever you want on your screen, same as the party frames, but it’s just you!

8. Dominos WoW bar- A movable bar for all the WoW help/character buttons

See, very crowded and I could just barely see my character, it was also a lot of junk that I did not need on a healer. So from careful revisions, glances at other people’s UI builds, and sheer dumb luck, I was able to build myself a UI that works for me and just looks pretty in my personal opinion! Screen shot here my good man, thank you!

No, red numbers do not infest my viewing in game!

No, red numbers do not infest my viewing in game!

There we go, much much better for me, at least, notice how all of the stuff I actually use is shifted towards the bottom, and yes friends that is a cross for the rezzing, heals I generally do not use but sometimes may, and cool downs that are on buttons 1-5.

1. Pitbull Player- That’s me, see Pitbull uses less performance, but gives me the stuff I want and need, top half is my HP and the bottom is my Mana, see nice and simple!

2. Pitbull Target- That is my target there, the HP bar shows a different color depending on the class, but of course mana is the same. All buffs as well as debuffs show up under him so I can make sure renew is on him and various other instant casts that I may want or need to use!

3.  Dominos- This cross as I explained before is for my cooldowns that I need to pop, or my rezz/some random heals I occasionally use but need not set to Clique.

4. Dominos- These bars are for potions, food, health stones, and of course the all loving priest buffs which I of course need to give to everyone.

5. Dominos- These buttons are for my mounts, the left is my Skeletal Horse of Doom, and the right is my Netherdrake of Winn!

6. Bison- For buffs, I have a long chain of buffs and debuffs towards the top of my screen, these are sort of like the basic WoW ones, except they give timers!

7. Dominos Wow buttons and Bags- I was able to stack both of these onto two rows to give me a lot more screen room, I saw this trick somwhere on Holy Deug and it is just so great if you want to save some screen space without any sacrifices.

8. Recount- Now this is near the rest of my healing addons more so for space saving, but also just to get it away from my character, so I may be able to see something!

9. Prat- A nice add on that neatens up your chatbox on WoW also showing levels and classes of guild mates, which is quite useful to not have to shift click.

10. GRID and Clique- Grid is an add on that shows you your entire raid/party in nice little class colored boxes, while clique allows you to click on grid and cast a spell that you program, for healers something like this set up is a MUST!

11. Dominos Cast bar- Quartz is not working at the moment, so I am resorting to this until it decides to work for once,  but basically they’re both the same thing, just quartz looks cleaner and more professional.

So there you have it folks, both of my UIs for my priest, Eldadres. Any suggestions, comments, or both are welcomed for this discussion. Thank you and hope to talk again on Priestly matters!
/Stage Exit

Elnoriah Says: Well, see I am at least not enough of a failure to need to replace my entire UI just to do a simple action such as healing. What a card!

Writer’s Update: Yeap, and there you have it, a new UI for my healer and I am feeling and healing better already. Still in the works is a post on my Frosty adventure and how that has worked out for me, as well as whatever else I have hidden in the crevice of my draft box! Happy WoWing!

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