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Dynamic Duo Week 6

July 7, 2009

I swear, Freakazoid is like Klin... just less pop culture references!

I swear, Freakazoid is like Klin... just more pop culture references!

We find both our Blood Elf friends ripped to shreds as if some feral beast chewed them up and spat them out as the duo walk towards an armor smither heads looking down, and ears drooping in a state of distress…

“Damn!” the blue eyed one screamed, “I just have NO clue what happened there, I hope I was not too rusty.” And for once, the hunter had no clue, all he did was simply shrug at his companion. “Great, now I’m going to have to tell my fans abou-, ugh excuse me Klin my man, they are already here…” said Elnoriah the proud. Losing, it is something everyone must cope with, now our 2v2 team has been going amazing, a higher win then to loss ratio during our season, yes we really do feel as if we have become better players in the experience. But unfortunately, this week just went poorly for us, our rating actually dropped from the losses 1191 luckily we still won enough games so that it was not a significant drop at least. How did this happen? What games destroyed us? Ouch, harsh questions for your idol, but that works I suppose as I was getting to that anyways.

Bachelor Pad! Dude the mini fridge fits HERE!

Bachelor Pad! Dude the mini fridge fits HERE!

Priest/Mage This, like many more of our games to come was just ridiculously close, the priest was at 1k health from the constant bashing and beating from Klin’s pet and I, but somehow she recovered and that was enough to get the Mage to down Klin. The one thing I loved about that game, was that I was able to time my interrupts correctly, so I am at least learning something from all of these Caster/Caster teams, other then losses (*fists of anger to disc priests*). Lock/Mage If I have to say this one more time with a straight face, I think it will kill me. Locks, you guys are just too squishy for us, besides which, dude I somehow got your pet on me while I was CC’d by your Mage friend there, who really deserves to be on a better team. For this one I took all the abuse,mirror images, CC, even the pet that I just mentioned, so Klin somehow was able to own the clothies in the face with the help of Fafnir. Warrior/Retadin this was an interesting game, somehow we managed to do really good burst here, our first plan is always me make the warrior trinket out of chains of ice then Klin will lay down one of his freezing traps that he can not get out of. This worked and allowed us to force the Retadin to pop all of his cool downs, and the rest of his mana. So when Mr. Warrior popped up his friend was in the process of flash of lightin’ himself until Mommy kissed his bruises. Mr. Warrior was a squish, I think PvE gear, so me and Klin died of laughter when the Warrior face planted after a few seconds.

WE LOVE YOU EL!!!!!1shiftone

WE LOVE YOU EL!!!!!1shiftone

Hunter/Priest you would think that with a team composing of one hunter we would be able to take down the rest of them, right? WRONG, those buggers are just too fast for me to grab, and Klin can’t go all explosive shot in their face, so the usual plan is to burn the partner to the floor. Once again, a PvE geared healer, we were just so close, then Klin took an explosive shot to the face! Holy Pally/DK Holy paladins are very troublesome to our team, honestly if you go down the line, a good chunk of our wins against healers, almost all of them are from either us burning the healer really quickly, or from running them out of mana and keeping ourselves alive. With Holy Pallys this is ridiculously had to do, they bubble and heal themselves up, and almost never run out of mana. The plan would usually be to burn and kill his partner, but plate wearers are just hard to burn, we were close, but not close enough to keep poor me alive. Rogue/DK Interesting makeup here, but for us it will not work, we have quite a few tricks up our sleeves to destroying rogues, and DKs are quite kite-able if you know how. The DK charged at us early on and before that stuck his pet on Klin, which was burned almost to death by me and his furry companion, then the DK started to come in, this guy was squishy and was almost dead when the rogue popped up on Klin. With my new-found target switching Jesus-skills I Death gripped the rogue off, chained him and heart striked the DK, allowing Klin to then get a safe distance away and finish of the DK. Druid/Lock seriously, are all team with Warlocks in this bracket stupid!? The druid popped out of stealth so he could summon treants which were kited off the bridge at Blades Edge, then was healing the Warlock. HELLO, paging Mr. Druid, why do you and that warlock we met up with earlier go form a 2v2, you guys may be able to get a few cheap wins from people laughing so hard they hit “leave battleground”. Seriously, the lock went down like a rock, and the Druid tried to get away, but forgot that there are mechanics in the game that allow us to own your face.

In his spare time, Elnoriah likes to fish to keep stress to a minimum... DAMMIT I CAUGHT THAT!

In his spare time, Elnoriah likes to fish to keep stress to a minimum... DAMMIT I CAUGHT THAT!

Rogue/Holy Pally from here on the quality of the teams got MUCH better, this rogue was seriously the best rogue I have ever seen, the guy got his vanishes just perfectly. There were three separate times which he made us think he was dead, but he had only vanished at 200hp, sadly for him though, me and Klin are just *swelled ego* too bursty for his healing buddy. Rogue/Druid No matter the painful memories, I will remember the rogue, that was a smart cookie, generally the pulling out a ghoul early in the fight makes them think I am unholy, and thus makes them target Klin, but this guy no way, he knew who to target, the guy with the heals. I swear, this guy pulled amazing burst and Klin just could not rip him off me, resulting in a beat down to the face. No! I didn’t cry, there was just sand in my eyes, seriously! Mage/Mage in these times, we have learned to not care about you bastards and your elemental companions+mirror images, because I am a tank! Klin generally focuses the actual Mage while I run in scream “HEA COMES THE PYRO” shoot someone in the face with the rocket gloves and arcane torrent. All critters come onto me and do not bother to help their masters who are currently dieing. I just keep everything on me and pop any spell damage reducing cool downs that I have while I silence the Mages whenever possible, and we did it, we really know how to down the Mage/Mage! For the next three games we played the same team of

What I do when Klin is talking to the Mrs. *army crawls closer*

What I do when Klin is talking to the Mrs. *army crawls closer*

Retadin/Feral Druid now the druid was in PvE gear, so he would be easy to burn, right? Hell no! That Retadin beat the living snot out of us while his druid friend pulverized me, there was however one game when the druid was downed, but all of his bleeds decided to hit me up and I went down, down, down! Klin I think hates hand of freedom in a whole new way, well, at least when it is used against him. Shaman/Hunter even Klin’s little brother was amazed we lost this game, the shammy was burned, and somehow he popped out a 7k instant cast heal, seriously what the hell? We HAD that team, but I am not an expert on Shaman, so I have no clue what to tell you all about the instant heal he pulled out his ass. Our final game for the week consisted of a Dk/Priest combination, really, this is almost more deadly the the earlier Holy Pally/DK. The disc priests seem to pump out a lot more healing then then pallys, although, the only downside is that they are a bit more squishy then their Paladin co-patriots. Yes, this resulted in once again, another loss, but oh well, we actually learned something though that is going to be changing our team makeup quite a bit.

No allys gank our lowbies when God is Afk has something to say about it!

No allys gank our lowbies when God is Afk has something to say about it!

What we have learned: Klin, it pains me to say this, but it needs to change, yes I know, but trust me it is harder on my part to say it, then you to make it happen. Fafnir has always been good to us, saving Klin when he kites, helping me burst down the clothies, and much more. Yet, his breath and my heart strike do not stack, just, how do we get some pet with some sort of CC ability, but also can do a chunk of burst damage? Simple, you tame a Sillithid, this baby is like a spider and a chimera put together, it has the web, which will allow us to like my chains of ice, hold someone in place for a couple seconds while we bash on them, and puts out some good numbers on dps like Fafnir. Honestly, my favorite part about this ginormous insect, is that he dances as he fights, seriously, one  more thing to throw the enemy off while we come up from behind and stick ’em where it hurts!

Writer’s Update: A few new posts are still in the works, including my update for my frost spec which I am currently tanking with. Hopefully I will be able to try it a bit more on our Naxx10 run (lead by Klin, hah officers don’t think he can pull it off, but me and Aifel think otherwise *highfive*!) as well as helping Klin level up our newest partner in some heroic runs. Happy WoWing!

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  1. July 11, 2009 2:11 AM

    I was a little inspired by the two of you running an unconventional team and having it work for you. I’m currently running SV / Destro 2s and we’re sitting on a 1508 rating when we stopped last night. Hoping to get more in before the tuesday point rollover.

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