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Elnoriah’s Escapade to the Winter Wonder Land

July 4, 2009

Thumpity thump thump, thumpity thump thump look at Frost... tank?

Thumpity thump thump, thumpity thump thump look at Frosty... tank?

We find our favorite hero finishing yet another day of daily quests and screaming that he is just that much closer to the axe available for 25 tokens…

Well, I suppose I could be dual wielding right now, but honestly, I have two mediocre weapons so I would rather not have any poor guild healer strain themselves with all the delicious hits I would be taking. Do not fret friends, for I am still working on getting that sword from Heroic Utgarde Pinnacle, and with it will either be one of my current swords, or the axe from the Argent Tournament dailies. The one thing I am realising by watching our dual wield tank is that you should have a bit of expertise, or some really nice cool-downs that will help with damage taking in those tough times, come this way, I will explain myself in further detail! *Walks through the death gate*

Expertise: I am almost certain I have gone over this before, but for those of you who decided not to listen, I will be merciful and not send you to the chopping block. Expertise in a dual wield situation looks to be quite important. Expertise is the stat that allows your attacks to have a lesser chance to be dodge/parried, dual wielders in general need a lot, but for tanks you would love this stat for the parry part (well, your healer would love this stat on you). The reasoning for you to not want the mob/boss to parry your blows is an interesting one if you feel like going out and researching it, but you will hear the term “parry gib”. Due to the board of health forcing me not to implode your minuscule fragile young minds with too much information, this will be explained shortly!

Makin' our way to the top!

Makin' our way to the top!

The Parry Gib: Bah, go to hell board of health I am explaining anyways, my readers are not vegetables! They are Death Knights with brains as strong as the armor they wear, as quick as their rune strikes! The parry gib is an argued topic by many tanks around the w=World… of Warcraft, whenever you stand in front of a boss, he has a good chance to parry your attacks. Now with every parry his/her next attack will have an increased speed, almost to the point of it being an instant strike, this is why melee generally goes behind the target, so the poor tank does not get parry gibbed from their stupidity. Yet, it is your own stupidity if you are dual wield tanking, your attacks are going faster by far, so the bosses have a higher chance to parry your blows more often. If you looked at the comments on the first dual wield tanking thought process, you would have seen Klinderas talking about the parry gib (in his usual comical ways), then you would see my “I need bettar shoulders, me need gear so me no take moar damage har har” or something around that nature. Bottom line here, expertise helps reduce the chance you get parried, so less fast boss/mob attacks, but you will still be taking a larger amount of damage than if you were two-hand tanking, more damage taking means a bit better gear. Guess what, I just got that before my trip to D.C.! *wicked grin*

Now that you are thoroughly informed to the best of my ability on the wonders of the Expertise stat, you are probably wondering, “why did I refresh your memories?” There are a few reasons for my madness, first of all you should all know my craving to try dual wield tanking, even if it does not work, I want to say I did it. There is just one problem I have run into with my thoughts of dual wield tanking, what spec will I be using? Like I said earlier, expertise or really nice damage taking cool downs will be needed in this escapade, now unholy is not a bad option for this thought, we have Bone Shield to take less damage, Rage of Rivendare for 5 expertise, as well as some other nifty things in the crevice of our tree. There is just one problem, what if unholy just will not work out for me in my dual-wield tanking, they are changing it a little in 3.2, I need a backup plan, another option if you will, but how does one come about another option? Simple of course, you pull an Edison and try until you have found your solution.

Me and Klin? We're all the defense you could ever NEED!

Me and Klin? We're all the defense you could ever NEED!

It is almost a certainty that almost all of you read Pike’s Blog, so you should know that she has recently finished her experiments on trying out each hunter spec for an allotted time. Well, you know what, sorry Pike but I think I may use your genius experiment to my advantage, the patch is coming and I plan to be trying my dual-wield tanking around that time. The only problem is a spec is still needed, and any spec is a viable option for me. So until then I will be flip flopping between the three trees, starting with of course Frost (notice the title eh?). I am hoping that in a week or so I will be able to report on my adventures, but note I am doing this as a two-handed tank so it is more to test out the trees rather then see what they do for me as a dual wielder, since they really do not change much rather then a few talents in frost.

My Frost Talent Tree:Already I have seen that frost has some amazing cool downs as well as nice tanking abilities, for any non-seasoned Death Knight you would generally call this the “tanking” tree, but for all of you experienced and knowledgeable Death Knights the frost tree is merely one option for a good tank. Frost, like Unholy has an exclusive AoE attack, this is called Howling Blast this bad boy damages EVERYTHING 10yards around you with a burst of frozen death!Unholy, as I have explained before, has some decent damage taking, and spell damage neglecting talents. Unholy is geared a lot more towards taking those large melee hits in a way that the healers do not need to skip a beat when they see your health drop to 5% then up to 80%. So in the end, I have come up with a talent build for frost that actually seems to be used a lot by tanks, sadly there is not as much picking and choosing for Frost as Unholy has. My Frost Spec. Right on, now Christmas in July is ON!

Writer’s Update: Juicy, don’t worry folks, more posts are coming in the works, this Death Knight is still going bonkers over the additions to Engineering, so don’t you worry there will be plenty of posts coming to a blog near you! (Preferably this one!)

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  1. July 4, 2009 7:45 PM

    Raid Cancelled. Reason: Santa Claus Sighting.


    • July 4, 2009 8:15 PM

      LMAO, Mask and Castro were telling horror stories to me of that last Naxx… ugh I wish we never recruited some of those newbies, we had a group that could down everything in 2hours easy… then the recruitment came =(

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