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Dynamic Duo Week 5

July 3, 2009
Klin! I found Radix at the zoo!

Klin! I found Radix at the zoo!

First of all, I would like to say, yes I have returned, and yes juicy posts are yet to come! In the meantime, I completely forgot about giving you readers the most recent Dynamic Duo installment of me and Klinderas bashing more petty criminals in the Arena. So, without further excuses, I bring you DYNAMIC DUO WEEK 5!

The gates open, the crowd cheers, and the two elves run onto the stage of death without looking back. “Damn it, they are both stealthed, neither me, nor Fafnir can see them!” Klinderas yelled as he glances from behind a pillar. Elnoriah then drops one of his famous Death and Decays to surround the duo as they think up a plan, but before Klinderas can whisper a single syllable, a druid pounces straight onto the hunter with no remorse. Then a rogue keeps the elf stunned so that he may not attempt to run, yet they forgot, Klinderas was not their problem. Elnoriah and Fafnir made quick work of the druid, and the rogue decided to vanish and run, the duo had done it again…

*Elnoriah puts down his pen and smiles* Damn it, why do you people always have to sneak up on me at the wrong times, I was just in the middle of writing another chapter in my novel. Fine well seeing as I have overdone my lack of updating, I will humor you all with the latest commentary from my arena matches.

Wednesday, it really should be called Elnoriahday: I would love to say that we started out as strong as usual, but our first game would like to differ from my first reaction to this, the DK/Warrior combo somehow decided to rip our tight, Blood Elf, behinds apart. Klin was down like a rocket that decided to not land properly. And of course two on one never works out in my favor, well usually it does not. Honestly, we were both prepared to die once we saw the DK/Retadin combination, but Klinderas somehow rallied my lazy ass into pulling off a stunning win. We made that Retadin bubble too soon, allowing us to smack the Death Knight around enough that he died from smacks to the face, and of course, the retadin was too stupid to focus on me once he popped out of bubble, that he was chasing a target that would not be captured. Two games proceeding that was a win/lose series between a Warrior/Retadin combination, and these guys were tough! Somehow, me and Klinderas managed to get the retadin to panic and pop major cool downs during the first few seconds of the match, but sadly they targeted and destroyed me. Klinderas does not give up easily though for that team died to the hands and paws of the Klinderas/Fafnir combo. Please direct your attention from the lose part of my introduction… for they somehow decided to own our faces and make us pay them rent in order to get said faces back

When the healer lead's computer crashes, we just gotta DAAAANCE

When the healer lead's computer crashes, we just gotta DAAAANCE

Mage/Rogue was just a joke, the rogue sprang on Klin and was downed in 3 seconds flat, then of course stuck on a spear and given to the nearest single lady Elnoriah could possibly find, and the mage, we just laughed at him as he attempted to fire a frost fire bolt. Retadin/DK This team took us by surprise, honestly they were the best team that we faced throughout this week’s set of games, all in all we did not mind losing twice to these bad-boys. Both times they took me out, seeing as I was the only sort of heals that the team would ever acquire, and Klin is just too squishy for them to even bother with. Both were amazing fighters, bravo boys, you deserve some sort of medal! Mage/Rogue really people? Both of you are too squishy to win against our team, just build a bonfire and jump in it, thank you! DK/Warrior Our first team to lose against was this combination so me and Klin were honestly quite nervous to attempt these, but luckily for us, we had learned a lot more about teamwork then our first attempt against this kind of team make up, all in all, this resulted in a well coordinated win for us.

Dear Self,
Why the hell do you bother going after the priest? His bubbles will be too strong no matter how many heart strikes you pull off. Please next time just roll up in a corner and cry yourself to sleep! If anyone is reading this letter, let it be known that yes, I did lose.
Thank you,

My littl e boy has grown up so much! *tear*

My littl e boy has grown up so much! *tear*

Mage/Rogue Seriously people? Are you truly being honest with me and saying that you think you may beat me in an arena? Please see the above Mage/Rogue combo talk and base your opinion whether I won or lost by that. (P.S. I won… no really we did!) Retadin/DK This honestly seems like a combination that my team is going to have some difficulty against. It is either me or Klinderas’ pet that is targeted by the opposing force, and either one of the two mentioned gets killed, the team generally does not pull off a win. Rogue/Rogue If you look at a good handful of my past Dynamic Duo updates, you will see that a double class team generally spells out death for us, though we have figured out some strategies to destroying rogues. Klinderas and I can generally CC one rogue while we just DESTROY the other strapping young lad, all in all, rogues generally will be slaughtered by the two of us easily. Retadin/DK excuse me while I sew my left arm back onto my shoulder for these two ripped it off and beat me off the side of my head with it, once again the bubbles and the gargoyle, and the ghoul were just too much for these two weak widdle elves. Retadin/Priest No! Of course on our last game we get the two classes we just can not defeat, the bubble happy priest, and the SUPER BUBBLE retadin. Klinderas was busy writing his will until I exclaimed JESUS CHRIST, THAT PRIEST HAS PVE GEAR! A full set of T8.5, damn this guy is good, except for the fact that he has no resilience, so 5k crit after 5k crit this squishy went down like a ton of bricks. That there folks concludes my week for sadly I went on a trip and was unable to participate any more in arena for that week *insert sadface here*.

CONGRATULATIONS: From five short weeks of work, gearing up, and creating strategies, the least expected Blood DK/Beast Master Hunter team has somehow crawled its way up onto the 1200 rating mark. Honestly, I feel sad for every poor soul we have managed to beat, seriously guys, you kill the HUNTER PET, not the risen ghoul! WTB CC PST is here and we are aiming for some delicious 1450 rating for some kick ass gear!

Writer’s Update: Yes yes, I said juicy posts, do not fret, there is a great one in the works that should air by Sunday at the latest, as for now, it is time to log onto the game I have not in what feels like years.

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  1. July 3, 2009 4:37 PM

    I’ve quit. I’m still so mad about the changes they’re making to 2v2 for next season, I don’t even want to play arena anymore.

    • July 3, 2009 6:55 PM

      Hah, well we just do this for fun anyways honestly, and me and Klinderas have been working a bit to gear up some partners for a 3v3 team.

  2. July 4, 2009 7:41 PM



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