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Dynamic Duo Week 4

June 23, 2009

Best Hunter Pet EVER, nuff said!

Best Hunter Pet EVER, 'nuff said!

The man of the hour himself, Elnoriah, is found sticking the latest head of his not-so-lucky opponent next to his mantelpiece…

Oh you rogue types, you just make me so fuzzy inside every time I destroy one more of your worthless numbers! You blind me, but my trinket says, “Nay!”. Then you stun me but find out that my fortitude smacks you in the face as my obliterate demolishes you for 3k damage. You again, really people? It’s like every week you want more of me and my team! Well, since I have absolutely nothing else to do, I suppose I shall humor you…

Tuesday, “Maybe I should refrain from bragging day”: Okay, that Hunter’s wasp annoys me to kingdom come, he insisted on trying it out because he felt it was just “fabulous”, okay maybe it was O.K. but his chimera was a better accomplice then that slab of carrion grub. No matter how much I will say that the thing belongs in a bug zapper it won’t matter anyhow, now, to business! This week started off like any other, newer bracket with a few wins right at the front, since our server was restarted it did not seem as if many players were doing 2v2 when we qued so many teams were doubled up. First team was a 2 round win fest for us, the team was Druid/Rogue, this was also the two games where the Huntsman brought out his new “pet”, both of us quickly realized that the pet was not putting out the damage of the chimera so it’s been replaced since then. That match was won solely on that team’s stupidity, first of all both waited in stealth until the shadow-seeing crystals were popped, I grabbed the crystals and we found both of the little buggers. The Druid surprisingly decided that healing was for squares and died on contact, his rogue joined him in my pile of heads soon after. Next up was the Mage/Dk team, with an Unholy DK this team was surprisingly bad against our match up, the DK was kited easily by Klin whilst I worked on the Mage and downed the brat before he could ice block. Yah, that team did not last at all, but the Shammy/Retadin team after was… horrid. These guys were good, the Retadin was in great gear, and plus, Klin can’t kite Retadins that well. Wacking the Shammy only worked until he was bubbled from me and Fafnir by the damned Retadin, and once he was bubbled we were both nuked to kingdom come. No matter what strat we used, it did not matter at all, the outcome was a loss for us for two games.

"Klin... can you get off the phone, your pet wants to eat me... again!"

"Klin... can you get off the phone, your pet wants to eat me... again!"

Once again the old nemesis ofSurv Hunter/BM Hunter took us down again, the pets were too strong or the explosive shots were just too much for a team with no healers. I ended up running around like a maniac for 85% of both games, attempting to smack down at least one of them, for if one was burnt up, the other stood no chance against two people, but their burst was just too much for us to handle. Next game was against a Warrior/Resto Shammy team, now the Blood DK/BM Hunter completely dominates this team, we can just burst the Shammy down and keep him from casting too easily, and the warrior is just kited around the entire game. Once again, this exact strategy applied and won the game for us, though that Shaman was one tough bastard! Our last two games for today ended up being against an interesting Boomkin/Retadin combination, the first game they decided to wait it out, and our tactics of getting the seeing crystals worked perfectly to DESTROY that Boomkin. The battle lasted a good 5 minutes, but in the end somehow we defeated them in a 1v1 combat between me and the Retadin. Turns out, when Retadins have no bubble, I own them 3x as hard… though the next time did not work so well in our favor. Both times they had figured to kill Klin’s pet, which basically renders him useless for the team (sorry Klin, I love ya like a brother, but it’s the truth). Blade’s Edge arena was not good to us that time, trents were being complicated from the start, and that Retadin somehow was able to take down Klin’s pet in the first 10sec of the match. Today was a bad day compared to our usual times, we had a 5-5 W/L ratio today, but at least we went up 30points rather then down 30!

Things Learned: Klin decided to fight his instinct and try Survival out, we played a few skirmishes and the like to get him accustomed to the spec for PVP and so far it has been very very good. Later in the week we may be doing some 3v3 with some new guildies of ours to test out the spec in an honest game, but why was he never survival from the start you ask? Well, in our first couple of games he was, but Klin was just not that comfortable with it enough to continue on, so now he is retrying it to see if he can pull it off this time around.

Only REAL Blood Elves go to Silvermoon!

Only REAL Blood Elves go to Silvermoon!

Wednesday, more like “Whoa man, we killed you day”: So due to random events which have already been explained recently, me and Klinderas were in extreme boredom, almost to the point where he was about to just log, but luckily my quick thinking chimed in and convinced Klin to play a few more games of our 2v2 for the week. Since Tuesday he’d been survival so this gave a great excuse to try it out…. here we gooo! Shammy/Spreist okay, Shaman have always giving us trouble, they have decent heals with those god forsaken totems which can slow me down while pole-dancing with him/her, this time was no exception, the Shammy was able to LoS me and Klin constantly and the Spreist’s dots were just very powerful! DK/Boomkin once again, another loss resulted from this couple, in all honesty, we had NO clue what went wrong, it just did. Resto Druid/Hunter, Resto Druids always give me trouble, their HoT’s are just too frickin’ powerful for me to do lasting damage, and since a good chunk of them are instant, it is near impossible to use one of my silences, Mind Freeze. Survival Hunters with their explosive shot just own me/Klin every time with the burst, so the pairing was not a lucky set up for us. Lock/Feral Druid Now here, is a team we don’t see often, Warlocks give our team honestly, no trouble at all, but Feral Druids, however can rip and shred Klin within seconds, so making sure they were away from him is crucial. Luckily, DK cool downs own so that Druid got no where near Klin and the Lock could not fear spam me, thus resulting in our first win of the night! These guys weren’t idiots, they just decided not to learn from their first loss from our team, so after 3 games total against them, we finished collecting our easy wins and proceeded on! Hunter/Rogue, Once again, a god damned team with a Survival Hunter, our first match against them resulted in a loss, though Klin managed to kill the Rogue within 5 seconds of him pouncing on him, the Survival Hunter somehow took us down in the end. Our next match against them was played in our Home-Map of Dalaran Sewers, under an accident of mine, I hit my Anti-Magic Shell right at the start of the match, though this was the best accident I have ever made in a 2v2. Their plan this time was to burn ME down, so right as I hit my shell, it absorbed a death-threatening blow of an explosive shot, this one mistake meant death for that hunter, Klin and I managed to beat him down before the rogue could come out of stealth and help!

Okay... the red one looks cool Klin, but your stinger still is ugly =P

Okay... the red one looks cool Klin, but your stinger still is ugly =P

Next came a Holy Pally/Mage team, as I stated in my Blood DK post, in this situation we will burn the cloth wearers, sadly though he ice blocked 600hp before death, so we followed the next step which was to make the pally pop all his cool downs. Only flaw, was that the mage came out of ice block when we were not paying attention, destroying me, then eventually Klin. DK/Lock honestly, this is the WORST combination that could ever attempt to face our team, for them at least! Death Knights are easily owned by us, and lock’s lose their fear abilities on us for most of the match, the DK was burned in a matter of seconds, and after that the rogue just probably cried himself to sleep and died. This same tactic was used and won for us in two matches against the same clowns… some people really just don’t learn! Mage/Rogue right when we saw the lack of players on the arena portraits we both uttered our preferred swear and played like champs anyways, this was one of the most fail matches ever in my opinion, first of all, the Rogue saps me right at the beginning, but waits until I am out of my sap to start bothering with Klin. The Mage popped out of invisibility before anything was useful and was silenced before his mirror images could pop early in the match, when he did pop them he died the next mila-second. Don’t worry, Mr. Rogue died right after! Unholy DK/Shammy this team make up is just bull-shit against our team, plate wearers are easily kited around, and Shammies are a waste against my interrupts and large burst. The first match, the Shaman was Elemental so… he was beat down easy and did not do jack-shit to Klin in terms of damage due to his time healing himself. The DK was a joke both of the times, but the second was a whole other team, this time it was a Resto Shaman, the same tactic did not work due to the Shaman being a damned good healer. Good sir, I salute you! Priest/Rogue once again our last match resulted in one of those teams that generally gives us trouble, not this time though my friends. That Priest was spotted in Uld gear, which means he could not take crits worth anything, so one 3K crit after another me and Klin managed to down him through his bubble and everything! The rogue was screwed after that and just took the beating like a pro!



We’re Still Learning: I am sure Klinderas at Slow Wolf will be making a post about this funny turn out, but I will just lightly touch upon the subject. You remember the 3 games we lost at the beginning of  Wednesday? Yah, those were because of him being survival… every other game, he was Beast Mastery again. As Klin has always argued, “Play what you want, it’s YOUR game!”. Klinderas is the best damned Hunter I’ve ever met, as BM he can out dps people geared better then him in Sartharion, the pet bitch. This time he decided to take his own advice at heart and go back to his favorite spec, BM, this should prove to all of you, that specs do not make the player, but the player makes the spec.

Writer’s Update: As usual I would like to give a thank you to my regular readers, as well as all you new ones out there *waves*! Yesturday, because of all of you, I was able to reach my blog’s highest visits in one day, 36! Congratulations Plagued Candles, and happy WoWing to you all!

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