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Flame Leviathan vs. Gød is AFK

June 19, 2009
This, will be MY very first car!

This, will be MY very first car!

We find Elnoriah and the rest of his guild drinking various alcoholic beverages at a bonfire next to a destroyed Flame Leviathan…

And they said we would never be able to do this, down Flame Leviathan, hah! That hunk of scrap metal was a JOKE, more like a loot pinata rather then an actual boss. So a friend and guildy of mine had his eye on that delicious two-hander off of Flame Leviathan, and unfortunately our guild is not raiding much this week due to some unfortunate events. The first being that our Naxx run failed due to horrible storms, and that the entire guild’s week has been very odd IRL, people are vacationing and work schedules changed only this week. Due to this my friend was very disappointed at 10:00 AM EST and decided to ask me if I wanted to try Flame Leviathan, thus the shenanigans began!

I was in an extremely good mood because I finally got a ring upgrade for my PvP gear, so I actually felt like doing some PvE in these early morning hours before the Heroics unlock. So I whipped out my phone and texted my good friend, Gradii, to get his rear end on his rogue and try and 5 man Flame Leviathan. It was Me, Mocococo, Aifel (Gradii’s rogue), Prodigium, and Fatehealer (Mocococo’s friend). The trash was a ridiculously easy clear for 5, mostly because me and Aifel had done this before as a 3 man a long time ago, so we knew what to expect, the others had done FL sometime or another so strategy was no problem, it was doing it with a lack of people, was the problem.

The trash took about 30min to down and everyone of us had the time of our lives blowing the living hell out of the mobs with immense rockets and boulders, then came the challenging part, FL himself, see that time me and Gradii 3manned, it did not work out in our favor due to lack of people, so we had never really gotten past the first stun, ever. The first two attempts with 5 people did not work very well in our favor, so we decided to recruit two more seasoned veterans to our party, one was a PuG tank (sorry sir I forget your name) and the second was our Guild Master, Maskofsanity.

Attempt Number 1: This was spread out with me driving a demolisher with Moco on top, Prodigium on a chopper, the tank dude on the chopper, Mask on the steam engine, and then the demolisher combo of Fate and Aifel on top. We managed to get down Flame Leviathan to about 75% when we noticed the turrets were up for way too long thus wiping us soon after. We managed improvement, but it was not enough to actually say it was sucessful, so we moved on to our next attempt.

Attempt Number 2: Mask and Aifel are our two best DPS in the guild usually during our raids, (well aside from Klin who decided to sleep in or something that he thinks is more important, the nerve him =P) so we figured we would have to launch them rather then have them just futz around on random vehicles. Fate was now on a chopper, Me and Aifel were on the demolisher, Moco and Mask were on the other demolisher, and the Tank and Prodigium were on the siege engine. This was our best attempt yet, we kited him perfectly this time, all of his flame waves were interrupted on time, and the turrets were going down. We hit 30% when me and Moco went to launch our passengers… we figured out that Blood Elves do not fly very well, and tend to die if they hit the ground from that high up. So due to the passenger fail we wiped (sorry guys.. my bad).

Attempt Number 3: The same composition of vehicles applied to this attempt since we would have had it, had it not been to Blood Elves with lack of wings. The entire fight was like a perfectly rehearsed play, fun to watch and successful. This time I made sure Aifel was not going to go splat, as much as I like to sometimes, this was not the time to futz around and kill him like usual (<3). Stuns were perfect, and those pyrite barrels launched 75K damage a piece, and that tank went down with a THUD! “WOOT” was screamed as well as a “FUCK YES” from Aifel as we inspected the phat l00tz that dropped off of this bastard. To my distress my tank bracers did not drop, but Aifel’s new trinket did! Congratulations <Gød is AFK> you just downed yourself another boss in Ulduar aside from XT/Razorscale!

All in a morning's work for this Death Knight!

All in a morning's work for this Death Knight!

This really was one of the most fun times I have ever had with this relatively new guild, you guys are the best. We get done what we can, don’t waste time, and have one hell of a good time. *COUGHWE’RERECRUITINGCOUGH* Hopefully this great luck at the beginning of today carries through on my Heroic runs in my quest for new shoulders, and the newly sought-after dual one handers. (Let’s not go into next patch shall we? I’m thoroughly annoyed with the yuckies on Unholy… Dual-Wield tanking shall prevail for me, hopefully focused on Unholy still!)

Writer’s Update: Only a few more days on my latest poll in the weekly poll page, don’t forget to drop by daily to see the results, or have discussions with your fellow readers on the polls! This weekend I will be Whitewater Rafting (the usual summer kick off my group of friends do), so you will expect to see some juicy posts early on next week! Happy WoWing my friends!

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  1. June 19, 2009 6:47 PM

    Well done!

    Now do it standing on your head in a blizzard in the middle of WSG.

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