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The Unholy Tank and You: Glyphs

June 18, 2009
Not THAT kind of tank Elnoriah, you imbocile!

Not THAT kind of tank Elnoriah, you imbecile!

We find Elnoriah, who’s God is AFK, is found once again at the Silvermoon Auction House buying supplies for his next venture into the Naxxramas. As usual something is terribly wrong with this poor elf!

“*censored* Alchemists and their *censored* flasks, charging all of my money for a potion…”. Raid nights, the best night of a Tank’s life right? Ehh, I guess if I could get some new shoulders instead of  these it will be well worth of it, but other then that, I have to die to get those? Something is wrong there, I am already a walking corpse, what in the right mind thinks I should be killed a few more times each night!? The nerve of some!

It has recently come to my attention the importance of glyphs for my particular playing style, so for all of you pupils out there that just would love to be me, I feel that I should be held responsible for guiding your path once again towards the better side of Death Knight tanking, the unholy one!

The Rundown: For my spec, as I have stated before, is based upon all sort of AoE’s and reduced spell damage talents. Quite a few Death Knights players  would call me an idiot for saying this, but for my particular unholy talent build, the top two abilities used for threat production would be Death and Decay and Unholy Blight. First of all, why would many people call me an idiot for saying this, well the main reason is the Death and Decay statement, a good handful of Death Knights have stated that it is in fact a waste of 3 runes. Honestly, I disagree, but that argument is left for another time and another post!

Glyph #1: Glyph of Death and Decay, this bad boy as you can see, does 20% MORE damage with this glyph, now already it was my best ability in my arsenal for tanking, but 20% more damage just makes this that much more useful. As an AoE, it allows me to grab multiple targets and hold them with only a few blood boils and a single DnD. Does this mean I would never use this on a boss? Hell no, being my largest threat giver, I still use it for bosses in most circumstances. In conclusion, for an Unholy Build I really would advise you to get this, for AoE’s are your strong point in most of the Unholy-based builds.

Glyph #2: Glyph of Unholy Blight, so now that we have our main AoE down pat, our second most important should have attention paid to it as well. Unholy Blight as stated before, is when you use 40 runic power to get locus to swarm your body and damage all enemies within 10 or so yards from you. First it is a great way to use excess runic power, but it also will give you a little burst in threat, so for trash you can keep those mobs on you for sure, but on the bosses, your threat will constantly have an increase, even with all runes on cool down. As a tank you ALWAYS want some sort of increase in threat, and as the DK runes can sometimes make tanking a large challenge. Unholy Blight really does help me assure that I have the enemy on me, whether runes are down or up! The glyph of course, gives this ability 10 more seconds, so from 20 seconds increased by 10, you get 30 seconds. Now I may use my runic power on other things while still keeping my Unholy Blight active and healthy.

Glyph #3: Glyph of Bone Shield, to lessen the damage I take from my opponents, I specifically put a point into Bone Shield for the tanking aspect, it has 4 base charges which allow for 4 hits you to take 20% less damage. From my experience as a healer through the past 2 years, the first few seconds of a pull are the most crucial part of that particular fight, so me buying them some time to get prepared and throw HoTs on me is great for them. With the glyph however, I buy even more time for them by increasing the base 4 charges by an additional 2 charges. For all of you people who are not mathematicians, 4+2=6, so now you have 6 charges on your Bone Shield ability.


Are YOU my Mommy?

Glyph #4: Glyph of Raise Dead, you could call this laziness to not carry corpse dust everywhere you go, but I say, “Piss off buddy!” Now sure, corpse dust can in fact do the same effect of this glyph, by not needing a corpse to summon a ghoul, but really, how many half decent minor glyphs are there… yah we aren’t being a smart ass now are we there Clyde? Yes, I do not use a specific Unholy Pet, so why would I want this glyph? Well, there has been more then 1 time in my career that I have had to finish a pull with healers down, by summoning a ghoul then sacrificing him, I will gain around 10k health, which accompanied by Death Strikes can at least keep me up for a small amount of time.

Glyph #5: Glyph of Horn of Winter, the Death Knight specific buff Horn of Winter generally only lasts a good 2 min on your raid, and honestly that can be very annoying when your buff runs out mid boss fight while you’re tanking. The glyph however is so generous that it gives us an extra 60 seconds (once again, math geniuses, 60sec = 1min) for this buff to last on your entire raid, for me at least my guild can generally down Patchwerk and the rest of Naxx in 3-4.5 min (KT is an exception), this basically gives me a chunk of time, instead of blowing it 2-3 times I will only have to buff every 1-2 times, thus letting me focus on my job rather then keeping the frickin’ raid buffed so they can all do their 3k dps.

Glyph #6: !? Honestly guys, pick your favorite glyph here, the rest of the minor glyphs for me, are basically useless. I have Pestilence, which I use, I spose just incase I gave a damn and decided to use it. Or  corpse explosion which is not even in my arsenal of death, and then there is death’s embrace, my ghoul is not permanant so healing him is not a priority for me. We get the picture?

Summary: Okay, now we have the picture, the first 5 glyphs have helped me and continue to help me be the Unholy Tank that I am. I am not dictating that you all should buy these glyphs and such, but for an Unholy DK it really is a great preference for you to have a good chunk of these glyphs. Honestly, I hope the Unholy Tank and You posts will help any aspiring Unholy brethren out there with their tanking experience! (Maybe even convert you damned non-believing blood ones…)

Writer’s Update: *Glances at Check Board* Nope, nothing, but I would love it if all of you would check out my newest page on Plagued Candles, the Weekly Poll page! As it inferrs, there will be a weekly poll that will be about whatever I feel like, this week, however is very important! It chooses my next alt’s fate, the Mage, or the Hunter! Happy WoWing!


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