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The Dynamic Duo Week 3

June 16, 2009
*Insert Fire here, here, and here*

*Insert fire here, here, and here*

We find our hero, Elnoriah, once again ranting about last week’s failures at the SilvermoonTarget Dummies…

Damn Mages, the only thing that can seem to molest me thoroughly, and Christ, do I hate getting molested by clothies, especially the mage kind. Well, not the only thing, but the most annoying one at that! I must say, I give the huntsman credit for his skill, I’m glad I did not slaughter him when I had the chance. After a very close week last week, we figured we would do better this time, and to a point, I reckon we did! Most teams that gave us trouble either did not show up, or we somehow learned to defeat them. Yet, with these new found abilities, we have also gained a few more enemies. Well, the week started off on a glorious Thursday…

Thursday? They should call it “Thick Headed Allies Suck Day”: Okay, so today me and Klin decided to finally log on at the same time long enough to play a good 13 games before calling it. Sadly, today did not fare much better then last week in terms of our win/loss ratio, but our points did in fact rise! We are now at 1055 and playing with the big boys, so our matches have become that much memorable. First match started with an easy DK/Resto Druid team, these guys were quite a joke. The DK had no intentions of using any cool downs or trinkets what soever and his healer pal just loved to get Death Gripped back to me, needless to say, they were a cakewalk. Following this team of geniuses, was an even worse team! A Feral/Resto Druid team! Generally this team would take us from hell and back, but the kitten decided just to run around and get trapped, while his resto buddy made sure to be behind a piller attempting to heal the kitten rather then himself from my obliterates and heart strikes! Next came an interesting combo of Ret/Holy pally and that one made our eyes spin, first of all, it’s a team with barely any CC and basically no heals against bubble city and his friend sir beats-a-lot. Not even strategist extraordinaire, Klin, could think up anything for this team.  From there we progressed on to an interesting team of  Shammy…. we felt very very bad for beating on this poor resto boy without his partner, but that did not stop us, you can only hold back an undead killing machine for so long ya know. Up next came Lorderon and it’s riches of the great Rogue/Frost Dk team. First match against these clowns was just us making a makeshift mop out of them and smacking their faces against the floor. While the following match was the exact opposite! In that match they both camped their spawn until we decided to chase after. Trust me, we won’t make that same mistake again… Hunters really complain when they lose that much blood. Next we faced a team which generally gives us no trouble at all, the Shammy/Arms Warrior combo. The Shammy was excellent and the warrior somehow disarmed Klin long enough to take him down, so we did not mind losing to these gentlemen. Following these fine specimens was a Rogue/Resto Druid combo, sadly though they were not formidable opponents on us at Blade’s Edge, for that druid went down like a watermelon thrown off the Eifle Tower.  Then, came the best team we were matched with all day, the Mage/Priest. The Mage in particular was fantastic, he stumped us by setting up mirror images right at the start, then went invisible to throw us off while we attempted to burn him. Klin’s Chimera (which is a huge player in our team) was glitched on the Org Elevator that match which also contributed to our loss, but other then that, that was a great team! Spreist/Rogue was next, and we could have had them too, but out of no where my computer just decided to take a dump, Klin valiantly destroyed the rogue, but that priest just was too much! Lastly, our nemesis returned to us for our final match! The dreaded Frost Mage/ Frost Mage came at us once again with their talons of death! But Elnoriah the quick witted lad knew best and oh wait? Another Poem!?

There once was a pair of Blood Elves,
Who finally learned something themselves,
They charged in and tapped,
So the clones were as good as sapped,
And now those two Mages are dead!

Yes, how witty of me, I know.That was the end of our matches for Thursday though, I may have missed talking about one or two but trust me, they were pretty epic and you just HAD to be there. But you weren’t, so I am sad… Though, if you want to not be there, but still follow your favorite 2v2  team, WTB CC PST then by clicking the link to our armory to see our recent games/standings in the hardcore life of the arena!

Writer’s Update: Hello my good friends, welll it’s official, summer break will be starting for me at 10:27am EST for me. This means a few things, which I’ve probably mentioned before. First, I can screw around a bit more, and secondly it means that I will be able to write a bit more! Both of these I am thoroughly looking forward too. However, it would be helpful if any of you readers has a suggestion, to drop me a quick e-mail, or hell, even a tweet works, should you like to see any DK specific things thrown up on this here blog.  I urge all of you to vote in my most-recent poll, said poll determines my next alt that I will be leveling, so choose, it’s free, I SWEAR!

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  1. June 16, 2009 8:38 AM

    I have to admit, your memory is so much better than mine. I could not remember what we had faced at all! You do a greta job of making it fun to read to!

    • June 16, 2009 3:18 PM

      Well, I write them up as a draft literally 3min after we finish our games so they stay fresh in my mind!

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