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Engineering and Death Knights, Two Words That Just Do Not Make Sense!

June 16, 2009

Trust me, this can kill one cubic meter's worth of rats breathin' your air!

We find our hero, Elnoriah, in Dalaran’s mining shop smelting ore that the found during his most recent Wintergrasp Battle…

Elnoriah throws down his tools as he screams, “DAMN THE LIVING, I only needed one more ore to create another set of scrapbots, Christ, what idiot thought that it would take 10 Saronite bars to make 5 frickin’ things that repair your gear!” Bah, those things are useless anyways, if you really want to repair that badly go click that frickin’ stone in your bags, and run to the nearest sap who will over-price you for fixing your wand.

Sadly though, this is not always the best thing to say in the middle of your raid as the only engineer in the group. Engineers, like myself, are knowledgeable people who enjoy solving practical problems. What problems you ask!? Well, see that rat right there, he’s using YOUR air, air takes a lot of energy to make my friend! Strap on your hand cannon and blast the living hell outta that bugger, and say, “Thank you Engineering-Jesus, for without this rocket I would not have saved the Horde from Death by Lack of Oxygen!” Okay, maybe that is a little over the edge, but I have found it extremely useful as a Death Knight tank.

Scrapbots and you: The first thing that will come to most non-engineering players that they would like out of that clown with the goggles is the “lazy-ass repair unit” or formally, the Scrapbot! Costing a mere 10 saronite bars to make a good 5 robots, these are well worth it, as well as cheap to create. One full stack of saronite ore  is relatively easy to find, so for you engineering pros, you probably have millions of the buggers sitting in your bank just waiting to be used. This really does not help any specific class more then another, but it is highly convenient to just be able to snag reagents/repairs in the middle of that failing H OK run!

Flexweave Underlay, the Life-Saver: If you have not been living in a cave for the past thousand years or so, you should fairly well know that people in generally can die by jumping off of large cliffs straight onto the ground. Thanks to the great minds of Gnomes and Goblins alike, we no longer have to die as an engineer when we fall off of a cliff! The patented technology behind the Flexweave Underlay is easily attached to any cape, and used to produce a quick and life-saving parachute for those adventurous kinds that love to attempt to kill themselves! Any Death Knight that does not roll his face all over the keyboard should know that unlike priests and mages, Death Knights do NOT have an ability that saves from death-by-falling. Really, what’s one more frickin’ enchant when you can have a life saver attached to you back?

Nitro Boosts, for those GTFO moments: “Dammit, Mother found my all F’s report card, that will mean no WoW for a month!” Have you ever been in a scenario such as that last one!? Do you need an engineering tinker to help get you out of that? Well, my Knight of Death, just right click your shoes and hope to whatever god you choose to pray to, your Mother does not have a net to throw at you. This bad boy is an interesting tinker, for a tank I still enjoy using them over the +20 stam to boots enchant. I will say there were times when I was a Skinner/Miner when I wished I rolled tank due to a lack of a charge ability to get those adds on the healer. Never fear, when I use my Nitro’s for 2 seconds I can get there faster then that damned warrior, and use my Death and Decay to boot! You see kiddos, sometimes stats are not the only thing that matters for a tank, it’s the reaction time, as well as how fast you are with grabbing the adds that can make the difference. The next time you think, do I want a few more hit points, or would I rather be able to launch like a rocket at my opponents… choose wisely.

Goggles, they make any Death Knight look epic...

Goggles, they make any Death Knight look epic...

CHARGE ME DOCTOR!: Does that healer need to learn to stop dieing when there is no one else in the group to resurrect him? Well, now with your Gnomish Army

Knife you can be one of the only Death Knights that can in fact resurrect! This knife has dual uses, first being that an Engineer may use it to have a chance of bringing a dead player back to life. The ladder being that it may be ANY tool you so desire, so now you need not lug around your hammer and your pick, you just need your knife! Come on Death Knight, you know you want to trick noobies into thinking that DK’s can actually rezz!

The Look EVERYONE wants!: Can any Engineering wannabe really truthfully say that he does NOT want to wear goggles in public? No, he/she can’t, but luckily for you great engineers out there, you have the privilege, no RIGHT to wear those goggles on your face and say, “I pulled my hair out enough times to level this profession, so I’m using it you bastards!” Yes these babies can seek out the nearest gas clouds as well as see from far away, but what I would like to touch base upon is the extreme bonus it provides for those Death Knights that would like to hit the Defense Cap. 540 Defense Skill is pretty easy in itself, but the tanking goggles helped me a TON. First, notice t

he gem slots, you have a meta socket and a yellow socket. Meta sockets are always useful with their wide range of gems, the one I use in particular is the one that gives an increased ammount of armor gained by your gear, this I find sort of makes up for that accursed nerf on our poor Frost Pres. last patch.  Okay, yellow sockets are GREAT for hitting the defense cap, they symbolize the much sought after bonus that all tanks want, defense rating. Next, I will draw your attention to the stats of it, lots of stam, expertise, and 60 d rating. All of these are the stats that any Death Knight would love to have for his tanking gear, plus, these babies will not get replaced unless you luck out and get your T7 (or better) helm for Naxx 10 (or some other gear droppin’ raid).

The Negatives of being an Engineer: This profession is by far the WORST to level, and in most people’s opinion’s, not worth the time and money spent to get to 450 skill. Now the items I have specifically pointed out are very useful to me as an Unholy Death Knight tank. I will agree with ANY person who will say that engineering needs a major upgrade, really there is not much that we get as far as gear upgrades, and the goggles are decently easy to replace. All in all, I do like this skill, it helps me when I need it, and it has always given me a good laugh whenever I strap on those nitro boosts!

Writer’s Update: Well, realms were down when I wrote this, so this gave me a nice 2 hours to chew up rather then reading a book, or something else. Feel free to argue your point in comments, just be nice! In other news, last day of school was today and now it’s time to see if those realms are up! Happy WoWing!

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  1. June 16, 2009 5:58 PM

    Between all my toons and their numerous professions I managed (pre-LK, since I have’t finished leveling the others yet) to get two leatherworkers, two tailors, an alchemist, enchanter, and of course, mining, herbing, and skinning, to max level. Even blacksmithing got really close to 350 on the DK whom I’ve more or less abandoned at level 65, but I have yet to get my engineer skill up to 300 and the same with JC, which I actually abandoned for a scribe who at level 70 is already at 440+.

    As a result of trying every profession, I have full respect for all those who manage to level up engineering and blacksmithing. So I salute you, in your awesome goggles, which I might be slightly jealous of.

  2. June 16, 2009 6:17 PM

    You know, my old DK was an engineer, because … dayum, those belfs look hawt in goggles.

    My new one, well…trolls in goggles = notsomuch, so he’s double gathering for the moment.

  3. June 17, 2009 11:45 AM

    @Troutwort yah, I’ve also always wanted a JC, but it is just too much of an annoyance to level for me, and a scribe would be nice considering they can make a boatload… maybe I should make my winning alt a scribe *evil laugh*

    @Repgrind Hells yes we BEs look sexy in the goggles, though my first DK was a troll with double gathers like yours!

  4. SkullPanda permalink
    June 17, 2009 12:21 PM

    My DK is a tailor because I love my flying carpet

    • June 17, 2009 2:34 PM

      @ Skull
      That is awesome. I love seeing totally unexpected class/profession combos like that. It’s one of those moments you’re all, “Wait, huh?”, but you’re ultimately totally pumped that someone did what they wanted and didn’t follow the “accepted norms”.

  5. June 17, 2009 2:41 PM

    Roz is a scribe because after sending two toons through the Sins of Hodir grind, I decided I wasn’t doing it on a third. Of course, now that I haz new alts … /sigh

    My hunter was a tailor long before flying carpets because a true altoholic needs a steady supply of moar bags. Since she’s also my achievement toon/collector, it worked out when they made carpets. She is going to tackle engineering to get more mounts/pets as soon as I get another skinner to max level…not that I actually have a leatherworker so I don’t NEED skinning….I just …feel the need for a replacement first.

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