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An Update From the Front

June 14, 2009

Ahh yes, it’s that time of year again! Summer, the birds are singing, people are going to the beach, and school is out. More importantly though, exams have caught up with me from writing as much as I would like to (this will soon change though, Tuesday is when I GTFO). Either way, let’s get to business, eh?

Naxx, Smacks, and Guilds: First, as some of you may know, I’ve joined a newer guild then the one from awhile ago. To make a long story short, the Guild Leader talked me into main tanking his Naxx10, since I honestly thought I could not do it in the bad gear I am in. I have the stats, I just figured I did not have the experience/skill to do it. Luckily though he was a cool dude and talked me into it (the lootz were a contributor to this as well). Now me and a few friends are in their guild which only a week ago was just barely Pugging Naxx10. Since then we’ve grown a decent amount and have downed Maly 10 and last night almost did a one night 2 hour naxx with the raid ALL FULL on guildies! Though, I digress, I was not tanking this (sadly, some decent loot dropped that I could use but who cares), but was in fact topping the meters on my priest’s shadow off-spec. That dagger from Patchwerk belongs to me now, and I was pulling around 3k dps overall, which was a 400 dps increase since my last try over a month ago now. One of our newest members, a hunter, had some nice loot karma and walked out with about 6 epics to replace some greens and quest blues. All in all it was a successful night, we will be finishing tonight… though hopefully next week I get to tank =D!

Only EPIC shadow priests get rats to follow them!

Only EPIC shadow priests get rats to follow them!

Battle Royal- Alts and Eld: The next thing that has recently been happening in my WoW time is that, me and a good friend of mine are leveling Alts for those times when we do not feel like doing a heroic or just sitting in Dalaran wondering when Winter Grasp is about to start. My friend is completely sure that he will be leveling a Resto druid, in fact he started him awhile ago and he is around level 34. Decked out in his delicious BoA shoulders the 10% buff has helped him power level him from 1-34 in the matter of 3 weeks. In the beginning he did this with my Survival Hunter, Beefstickz, as a pair. My pet would tank the mobs, he would  heal, and I would burn them down like a stick covered in gasoline. Once we were around the level of 33, I remembered my Frost Mage, Crando (inside joke/long story), had been sitting there. I always enjoyed my mage very much, but leveling them was just such a pain I completely forgot about him and stuck with my old Paladin. There, I noticed I had a load of badges sitting on my Priest/DK, so I took the liberty of gearing him out like my hunter, which was the BoA shoulders with a weapon of some sort. Now I have the 10% more exp bonus, plus the nice stats from the shoulders and the staff. Both of my alts are just too fun to decide upon which to level, I love the survival spec, and throwing a frickin’ snowball at a wolf is just to fun to resist doing. Either way, me and my friend will level easily, the Hunter has his turtle to tank, while the mage can keep things frozen and AoE’d with ease, besides which, next patch we get the new mount stuff, why not level something so that I can enjoy said change?

THE POLL: On the site, I will let you, my faithful readers, choose my next character’s fate. Will I play Crando of the Frost Bolts, or will I be Beefstickz Survivalist in Training? The way I will be deciding is, how many votes each character gets, so majority rules… hopefully there will not be a tie, in which case I’m screwed. Each reader gets one vote, so choose who you think I should play, either way it’s Horde (sorry my Ally companions, but not this time) and either way, I will have fun with it. I PROMISE. In one week the votes will be evaluated and you will not be able to vote any longer, so from 1:25pm today to 1:25pm next Sunday you and all of you friends may choose my fate! The choice is yours friend, choose wisely!

Writer’s Update: As I said earlier, things have become slightly busy around here, but posts will be coming up shortly. Monday I hope to have my weekly review of my 2v2 team’s week. Soon, there will be a bombardment of DK posts. If you have a question about anything having to do with DK (specifically tanking) or Priests drop me a line through twitter, email, or even my AIM which is featured in the contacts page!

Tauren, your pet will become a penguin and you will become a corpse when I am through with you!

Tauren, your pet will become a penguin and you will become a corpse when I am through with you!

That elf is history! His ice is no match for my arrows AND my turtle!

That elf is history! His ice is no match for my arrows AND my turtle!

3 Comments leave one →
  1. June 14, 2009 6:23 PM

    Hmmm….you didn’t tell me on twitter that the choice was a belf frost mage. Well, I suppose not everyone can be a troll fire mage. 😉

    But in all seriousness, if you’ve got a leveling partner, you might as well level the mage. The hunter can solo everything, as I’m sure Klin could tell you.

    Plus, in a few short levels you can make portals and you two will surely appreciate the ease of travel.

  2. June 14, 2009 6:37 PM

    Solo? My PET could solo the old world.

  3. June 14, 2009 9:42 PM

    @Repgrind Well at the moment he is frost just because it has the CC abilites and it is a little more mana-conservative at the low levels.

    @Klinderas Dude, your pet solo’s arena teams not just the Old World

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