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The Dynamic Duo: Elnoriah the Blood Death Knight

June 12, 2009
Blood Elves can make ANY tabard work *flex*

Blood Elves can make ANY tabard work *flex*

We find our favorite Death Knight, Elnoriah, polishing his newest pieces of  PvP gear at the Silvermoon Target Dummies…

Klinderas! Que us, by god stop petting that damn chim-! OH hello there, you caught me in a good mood, well I guess good is a questionable word, eh? As I have told you lovely readers before, me and my friend Klinderas over there *points to the elf running towards a goblin* have recently gotten into killing people for the glory of the arena. It’s very interesting actually, to have a Beast Mastery Hunter and a Blood Death Knight on the same team for 2v2s. Oh? MY fans would like to know how I cope with this silly, lovable, bastard in the midst of a brawl? Well, I am not one to disappoint… where to begin?

Elnoriah’s Spec: So me and the Hunter, who has been pointed out already spent about 2 weeks deciding our talents, you see, with practically no CC (he is BM remember) and practically no heals, we needed to do two things. First, we needed the most survivability we could get for ourselves. Secondly, we needed to learn to CC with what little we have. My spec evolved from O.K., to good, to ‘fricken’ amazing in a matter of a week. How’s about I explain to you all what each spec was designed to do, as well as what was wrong with it in order for me to change.

Spec 1: Okay click that bad boy, most likely you’re already critiquing my work. Don’t worry, I am laughing at myself for this fail-boat as well. Anyways, the frost tree I should have taken Lichborne, this is a good survivability ability where you break out of fear/charm/sleep and are immune to said debuffs for 15 seconds, we may not have much CC as a team, so we should spend our time thinking about how to get out of theirs, thus why that talent is very good for this circumstance. The small chunk in the Unholy Tree is not really a bad thing or a good thing, see the extra time with my diseases is great, but it lessened my potential talents that could be used in other trees, in my final spec you will see a decent change in that tree. Now for the huge problem, check out that there blood tree! A seasoned DK could spot multiple errors, first of all, no Heart Strike. In all honesty, for my current spec, this is my bread and butter, a decent amount of damage, plus the glyph is godly! My next fault would have been Bloodworms, seriously bad bad waste of three talent points for this situation (really any situation but whatever!) yah sure you get little annoying healy-things but there is just so much more I could do with those talents. Vendetta and Butchery these three are okay, but my good friend Klin pointed out, we’re doing 2v2’s we would only kill one person then we would kill the second, so getting this for a few seconds really is not that useful right? Once again, they aren’t bad talents, but for PvP (especially arena) I would tend to stay away from these. There was a lack of Blade Barrier, Abomination’s Might, and Improved Blood Presence, all three of these help the team and myself. Abomb’s might helps all of our attack power for a couple seconds giving us some decent burst for a few. The other two help me stay alive, which helps the team, because losing either me or Klin means game over for the team due to lack of damage to the opposing team. I am sure I could rant a lot more about my first attempt, but let’s move forward so ya’ll don’t get too bored!

Spec 2: Okay, as you can see the Frost tree is much cleaner looking in this spec, with the exception of Black Ice instead of Icy Reach it is practically the same as my final spec. Unholy is yet again the same as before, which I promise changes soon! Blood looks a bit cleaner, though I still have Vendetta and Butchery I at least was smart enough to take Heart Strike and start lovin’ it! Once again there was lack of Blade Barrier, but other then that there really was not much else that was THAT bad with the spec.

Spec 3: Luckily for me, I did not have to waste much more gold to find my most recent, and final, spec that I enjoy. Frost was cleaned up only to the essential bits thanks to Klin thinking it over through a few e-mails back and forth. Unholy, thanks to me was cleaned up so I only took the 3% extra hit, if I get hit capped easier thanks to that, I could gem/enchant my gear more towards things like resilience and crit rating. Blade Barrier was finally set up, this is a great talent for tanking because of the reduced amount of damage that gets taken while this is up, so why not actually take it and get more survivability out of it for PvP? Bloody Vengeance was now picked up, a 3% more flat damage bonus that stacks 3 times is oh I don’t know 9% more with all stacks up and running which they usually are. So taking away some AP from Bladed Armor and adding Bloody Vengeance as it’s replacement really works out, it was tested and I hit a lot harder like this. Will of the Necropolis was added in this new spec, at the 35% and lower mark, the fight for survival is more crucial, so by taking less damage I buy myself some time to either heal up, or help Klin out in my last moments. Yes, I know, I am very heroic! As you all can also see, all those every time you kill a person you get this buff talents have been taken out, thus allowing me to put in those more desired talents.

Hey! We're Que'd Finally! (Just kidding Klin-brotha-from-another-country/mother =D)

Hey! We're Que'd Finally! (Just kidding Klin-brotha-from-another-country/mother =D)

Glyphs and Runes: A huge part of my skills is credited to my specific Runes and Glyphs. For my rune I use Rune of the Fallen Crusader, which has a chance on hit to increase strength by 15%, STR for any DK helps with quite a few skills so this is a very nice thing to have, plus healing me for 3% of health boosts my survivability. Honestly, there really isn’t a better rune to use in this kind of set up. Glyph numero uno would be Glyph of Rune Tap this major glyph increases Rune Tap’s healing on me by 10%, and a equivalent 10% of the tap heals my allies as well! For me in my current gear and such, this heals the others for about 2.6k HP, which is very nice for us. Next is the major glyph, Glyph of Obliterate, this glyph increases my largest attack’s damage by 20%. Before the 20% it was a great ability to use, but after it, my friends it only got that much better! Glyph of Heart Strike is a MUST for this spec and team, the reduced movement on the receiver of this blow is extremely helpful for us to draw the partners away from each other. (This in fact is crucial, we don’t want any damage dealers getting heals now would we?) The minors really are self explanatory, the Raise Dead allows me to have a little pet to either sacrifice for health, or to do some damage before I sacrifice it. Horn of Winter is our only group wide buff from the beginning, and 3 minutes lasts a whole fight where as 2min would make me have to use it again and have that wonderful global cool down pay me a visit.

Teamwork and Support: Honestly, I barely have any CC, Klin’s traps are the max the team has that can incapacitate any enemy for an okay amount of time. The only thing I can do, is to slow things down and give our main CCer, Klinderas, the most support possible. Chains of Ice is my biggest way of doing this. Through long hours of coordination practice, me and Klin have tricked a good few stupid melee dps into popping cool downs early. Klin will play jail bait and set a trap, while said class goes running towards him, I use my chains and stop him in his track, as well as slowing them. In a rush to get to the Hunter, the melee pops cool downs to escape my chains, only to be trapped in the trap Klin had just set down. From this person’s idiocracy, we would able to weasel around him and beat down his other friend (Generally a clothy, how I love to watch them scream!). The other thing I do is to use my bread n’ butter ability, Heart Strike, along with its glyph to slow down the enemy by 50% movement speed. Scenario: Klin is getting beat on by a rogue, I death grip him, icy chains, then heart strike, movement speed is impaired enough for Klin to go back to kiting the bastard around the arena while me and his pet smoke the other. Hysteria is exceptionally useful for supporting Klin, throw this thing on his pet and it gets even deadlier, see like my Heart Strike its breath does massive damage and slows the opposing force, Klin can heal the pet so the 1% damage doesn’t really bother it, while it would hurt me if I just placed it on myself.

Survivability: As I stated before, survivability is our deadly weapon, so how do we pull off staying alive long enough to out live our enemies? Rune Tap is KEY to this team, whenever we start taking damage I keep that on cool down, a 5.6K heal on me plus a 2.5k heal to Klinderas and his pet is a life saver many times. Mark of Blood once again that damned rogue is hitting on Klinderas no matter how well Klin is kiting him, to keep him alive, I’ll put a mark on him to help give Klin back some life he’s lost until he can get a hold of that bastard. Vampiric Blood as I have said earlier, one of us dead does not help the team at all, so if I am getting molested by the other team, I can stay alive by popping this ability while spamming Death Strike and Rune Tap whenever possible, me living helps the team a bit. One for DPS, and two, I’m the only heals this team has!

My HOLY SHIT buttons: Take notes here my friends, these buttons are extremely crucial for your existence. Scenario: KLIN SAVE ME, THIS ROGUE IS !@#$ STUNNING ME! Okay, here I’m stunned by a Kidney Shot or some other “original” ability none of us saw coming from a rogue (just kidding I love you little roguies). Now I click the trinket you should all have that gets you out of ANY sort of CC whatsoever. Then click my Icebound Fortitude, this lessens damage done to me and also makes me immune to stuns for a few seconds. In these few seconds we switch to the rogue and DESTROY that bastard! Mages and Warlocks are troublesome unless you get them up close and personal, but they will burst the hell out of you unless you pop Anti Magic Shell, generally I will pop this once my life is around 75% or so then attempt to Chains them and Death Grip those bastards over here, once they’re silenced, they’re like a Bumble without his teeth, harmless (and bouncy)!

I popped a few HOLY SHIT buttons here I'll tell ya!

I popped a few HOLY SHIT buttons here I'll tell ya!

Offensive Destruction: A 2v2 team without any damage is a failed one, luckily for us we have two heavy hitting people (three if you count Klin’s Pet) so that is not a problem for us as an offensive team. For me however, my abilities will generally be as followed, Klin will say in vent which target me and his pet should be wiping out and I will Chains that one and start wailing on it. White damage accounts for most of my damage, chains you see puts a Frost Fever on the target, allowing me to then do 2 heart strikes to make sure that thing is not going anywhere. Next I will use a Plague Strike to put another disease on there to allow my finisher to do some ridiculous damage, of course it’s Obliterate you silly geese! Unless my health starts going down I will always use Obliterate, but if I do start getting hit, I will change it to Death Strike, generally I won’t redo my Plague Strike after that since I would not have time to, but Frost Fever is always up because of the constant chains that slows down our enemies.

What helps us succeed: Both Klinderas and I agree that the most important thing about our team is that we know each other’s playing styles very well. We have both been friends since we were in our first guild together maybe two years ago, since then the only thing that has stopped us from foolin’ around was his college. Even after that, we were able to still tell how the other one was going to play, despite the new expansion and the 5months of separation (about, probably longer). So knowing your teammate really helps, besides that, having a good attitude is crucial. If you just go into your fight all pissed off and not focused, don’t bother, you will just lose no matter how much gear you have. Planning is also a crucial thing for us, without knowing strategies of specific teams, we generally would go down like a ‘ton o’ bricks’. Thankfully Klinderas is our Strategist Extraordinaire, so thinking of how to counter our opponents is no problem at all.

Last Impressions: Well, I hope you all enjoyed this post, it has been in the works since I first promised it in my third or so post. If all goes well, I will be writing up some of the strategies and such we will use for different teams in our arena matches. Remember, we only do this for fun, so shouldn’t you, it’s only a game remember! Either way, I hope the information helps all of you who would like to do PvP as Blood Spec. (I don’t mind anyone changing the spec to their preference and such too, feel free to use it WoW community).

Writer’s Update: So far things have been busy for me as far as the Death Knight goes, so expect to see a few tanking posts upcoming! Once again, contact me if there is anything you want explained or posted, the suggestions are appreciated! Exams are almost over, following that is the last day of school, which you all know what that means… more time to write! Once again, I would like to thank all my faithful readers, you guys are the best!

4 Comments leave one →
  1. June 13, 2009 6:18 PM

    Wow, very nice post. Hmm…is Smolderthorn in my BG? *goes to check the armory* Nope, you’re safe. 😀

    Seriously though, I love reading about other people’s teams and strategies, especially since I am new at this arena stuff. I learn a lot about both what works, and what doesn’t.

    P.S. Love the team name!

    • June 14, 2009 4:41 AM

      Thank you! Yah, well we’re pretty new to the arena thing too, though it gives me plenty of content to post, besides which, it’s just plain fun to go around making strategies and beating people down!

  2. Fiak permalink
    June 14, 2009 2:06 PM

    1) I like the non-traditional team. I’m partnered with Repgrind above, we go disc/arcane, so at least we varied slightly from the norm.

    2) One thing I missed in your post was your timing on popping kitty. It seems to get a kill vs. a healer team you’re either going to need to train the healer or be training the other while getting some stun/cc on the healer.

    3) I could see you guys having troubles against teams like us with no melee. Fortunately, arena is pretty melee oriented, so you won’t find caster/caster too often. But if Roz and I see a team of your makeup, it’s immediately train the hunter no matter what. Some CC on the DK if able, but it’s about making you two pay for your lack of defense and the fact that our defensive cooldowns probably will outlast your offensive ones.

    4) I’m trying to think of what I’d do if I were you against us. I’d get me to blow my trinket and the mage to blow iceblock. Then hopefully get me in a scattershot/freezing arrow combo and then pop your last cooldowns to burst the mage. Hopefully do it at a time where you’ve got the mage hurt a wee bit and no priesty crap on her (no pws or pom). But that requires a lot of work on your part and the priest mage not communicating enough to accidentally blow the priests trinket AND the mage’s ice block on the same cc cycle.

    5) Anyway, enjoyable post. Please take everything I said with a grain of salt, my arena experience is a couple hundred games and a whopping 1308 ranking (which we’re very excited about as we’re completely new to arena this season).

    • June 14, 2009 4:02 PM

      hah, well we’re new this season as well. With you guys we would generally burn the mage down first until he iceblocks. We’ve had good luck with this in our healer/non plate dps opponents, you just go to the damage dealer and burn him. Chances are, the healer will not be able to keep up with the damage his partner takes, so in your case, Rep would ice block then we would focus on you. From there it would depend on if you’re keeping yourself up or not, if you are we would probably go back to the mage once his block is up and you wasted your cool downs, or we would finish you off and kill him.
      But yes, generally what happens to us, is similar to your strategy, they focus on the Hunter and attempt to CC me. Their problem being is that they can’t do that very well because of all my delicious cool downs. Really, it depends on the other team’s coordination for that tactic to work.

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