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The Dynamic Duo Week 2

June 9, 2009
Behold! Only a true hunter would ever be bold enough to kite a Death Knight to its demise!

Behold! Only a true hunter would ever be bold enough to kite a Death Knight to its demise!

Again? So soon!? The taste for bloodshed crept in my cold, dead, heart. Now where is that blood elf? Alas, I can’t do this without him. Oh yes, most likely celebrating our victories from this past week, he keeps throwing parties for us, but I am not that big of a “party-goer” so I left after the first 15min of the first one. Arriving at Silvermoon, I found my buddy riding on his gigantic wolf, Link, saying “I’m fabulous! I’m fabulous!” Ahh well, he’s a goof, but he is my goof so I decided to drag him over to the goblin and start crackin’ skulls.

Saturday except the only thing that “sat” were the corpses of our opponents: Ahh such a great night to be a Death Knight/Hunter Combo! It’s funny, we have seen many more of these sad attempts of DK/Hunter combos recently. All of which failed against us… see our key is two things. Klinderas pet, Fafnir the chimera, as well as me being blood. All of these teams against us were a Unholy Dk and a Survival hunter. Not one of them took us down out of the 4 that opposed us. (sad isn’t it?) Our godly win streak from last week did not completely carry over this night. See, we both took those 4 groups to produce those wins, but the Priest/Rogue combos generally destroy us. We will arrive in the arena then get the living hell kicked out of one of us as the other (usually the mail-clad one) is forced to run around until they chop off his head and make soup out of his bones.  There were about a good 4 Priest/Rogue gangs that opposed us this night to almost even out our wins and losses, seeing as we owned one without a scratch on us. There are 4 more games which we played that included a Rogue/Mage, Mage/Mage, Shammy/Dk,  Warlock/Hunter and Warrior/Boomkin. The rogue mage to us was like taking a butter knife and running it straight through a nice hunk of butter that was left on the counter for three days, easy.  The Shammy/Dk, hah! Focus EVERYTHING on that Shammy and he was down before he could plant a totem, leaving the poor widdle Dk to succumb to traps and heart strikes. Warlock/hunter… that was a sad sad time for us and we should not like to be provoked to speak about it. Warrior/Boomkin, was set place in the scenic sewers of Dalaran, ya know how the old saying goes “When that Boomkin is silenced he dead boy!” Yes well this was exactly how we played it. Like our Shammy friend there, he went down like as Klin would say “A ton o’ bricks”.  Mage/Mage however, I would like to present to you in the following poem!

There once was a pair of blood elves,
Who thought they could destroy two mages,
With two groups of images of themselves,
They destroyed both these men of young ages,
And now those two blood elves are dead!

In conclusion, we still stayed above a 50%, but not by as much as our last successful week. Oh I almost forgot, remember how I stated earlier that we actually beat one team out of 4 for the Priest/Rogue combo? Yah, we completely took them by surprise! They did not even dent us! Now if I may direct your attention below you, you can see the full proof of the matter!

I told Klin, talking about their mothers always works!

I told Klin, talking about their mothers always works!

For our glorious fans who just can not get enough of our daring feats of taking down any two men (or women) who stand between us and fame, you may follow us here on our 2v2 team’s arena page. WTB CC PST where we prove CC is for squares!

Writer’s Update: Okay, So far I think this blog is off to a good start, but my only problem is that my main purpose was to talk more of preistly matters! If any of you have any suggestions on writing, or just questions about priests in general please, don’t hesitate to get in touch with me! Either way, a new priest post will be coming up shortly, hopefully around Thursday, so stay tuned for more!

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