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The Healer in Me

June 7, 2009
You forgot the 5th horseman, Me!

You forgot the 5th horseman, Me!

Okay, so for once I have decided to grace you all with my healing side! In all honesty, I am extremely partial to healing, now I may not be the best, but I still love to do it. Though I do have much to learn, I figure from writing about it, reading about it, and of course doing it, will become so unstoppable, that tank will try to die to keep things interesting! Enough about me, let’s talk a little bit about healing, shall we?

Well for starters I am a blood elf priest, generally I used some wacky-ass spec of combining a chunk of discipline with enough holy for CoH. Yet recently sense got into me when I started up the priest again and made my face palm at my computer for wondering why I was such an idiot for coming up with said spec. Yes, it had its bonuses of an increased mana pool and some extra sp. But who the hell cares about that when your tank is screaming “save me, he’s eating me alive!” All in all, I have already learned a lesson in healing from reading other blogs… don’t be a complete idiot *face palm*.

You know, after that rant on my stupidity you would not think I would go to say how to heal and such. But, who cares!? I’m only human Blood Elf, we all make mistakes, doesn’t mean we haven’t learned something on the way, right? RIGHT!? Okay, so I still have much to learn so I don’t think I will explain strategy just yet… but I will touch upon what has helped me become a half-decent healer!

  1. A really good friend of mine, perhaps you’ve heard of him! Gradii would be his name and he is a great tank. A long time ago I somehow maneuvered him into starting up WoW again and he has been hooked since. Like myself, he always wants a huge challenge in his game, and tanking is what challenges him the most. I personally think he has a gift for it, but I tend to not like to swell his ego THAT much. Since WOTLK came out, we pretty much have done everything together to get geared for endgame. Considering the fact that we know each other and are comfortable with working with one-another, I find we have some sort of symbiotic link. When he tanks and I heal we are a very good combo. Sure warrior/priest is a great PvE combo for a tank/healer anyways, but it is just so much easier healing him then most other tanks. We know   personalities, but we also know the other person’s next general move. Cool downs can be popped in such a timed way we don’t even think of it. Moral here, kiddies, is if you have a friend and he wants to tank. Get to know each other better, because having someone to partner with will generally help you loads in order to learn more about your job. I mean really, playing with friends is fun, but playing with friends and getting constantly better is just great!
  2. Being open-minded helps a lot. You may not always agree with other people’s ideas upon your healing and all of that junk, but helpful criticism is a great way to learn more about your job. Regardless if this person is the best healer known to the World… of Warcraft, or just some hunter and his kitten, always at least give their advice a listen. Before WOTLK I was complete and udder yuck! Mana efficiency was none, dieing all the time (ask Klin, it was never a raid without me dead every pull), and just not putting out sufficient numbers for me to be proud. Since then though, from others’ advice I have become the opposite! (I was still dieing until someone threatened to drink the blood out of my neck if I failed at safety dance one more time =D)
  3. My final thought on the subject would be to have a mind that will be able to make split-second decisions. There is always more then one way to heal and there is always more then one spell to use. Yet, it is when and how you use these spells that makes the difference between life and death. Behind the keyboard you may not think it matters, but when you’re the one on the receiving end it feels good to have a person making the right decisions. As you progress into becoming better the decisions will become more familiar as well as easier to use for you, but even then you should always be on your toes.

Oh yah, make sure you don't fall asleep. You're only killing your friends by doing so!

Oh yah, make sure you don't fall asleep. You're only killing your friends by doing so!

Disagree with me, agree with me, do whatever you would like. But these three things were what changed me from a bad healer, to a decent healer. Thank you for reading, comments are appreciated as well as suggestions! If you have questions just click that there tab up top and go to contacts to stalk contact me!

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  1. June 7, 2009 2:00 PM

    Klin, that rings a bell. Oh. Oh! You’re THAT Eldadres. hehe. Well, welcome to blogland. I’m definitely looking forward to reading more. =D

    • June 7, 2009 2:35 PM

      Hah! Yes, yes I am. Though that could be a bad thing that you know me, but thank you for the welcome!

  2. June 7, 2009 5:04 PM

    It’s entirely true that it wasn’t an instance until you died. You healed just fine, but you got aggro faster than most tanks.

    Since then, there has been improvement.

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