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Reporting Back From A Busy, Yet Productive Day!

June 4, 2009


What a great day today, I was very productive if I do say so myself! Why, you ask? Well let us see here, how about I give you a decent 4 reasons? Sounds like a fair trade-off to me. What to start with? How about the number one! (That’s the part where you all should be laughing fyi)

1. Okay reason number one would be that I finally got around and decided to try and do 25man VoA. Yes, well some things in RL caught up to me, with the addition of not playing Eldadres as much I had not bothered with VoA since Emalon came out. Tonight a friend of mine needed heals and I had nothing better to do so I said sure why not? Accompanied by my dear friend Klin and a real-life friend Migestic. We downed both bosses in VoA 25 with Migestic’s guild. It was not the cleanest run I have ever done for any instance, but in the end we did eventually down Emalon.  At least the wipes were worth it, in the end I was rewarded with two things. The first, obviously being the achievement. *Links*. And the second thing that came out of this raid would be…. DRUM ROLL PLEASE. *Links right below the other picture*. That’s right folks, I just scored myself some sweet shadow spec gloves. Sure they are from Emalon and not actual Uld, but I’m still happy! Anyways before you get bored with my gloating, on to number 2!

Looky, another for the pile!

Looky, another for the pile!

Lookie there! T8 Gloves all for me when Im shadow!

Lookie there! T8 Gloves all for me when I'm shadow!

2. If any of you have been folowing me on twitter (if you aren’t go to my contacts page and add me!), then you should probably know that I have been trying to work on a banner. Luckily inspiration caught up with me earlier today and I decided to take two pictures. Both of them being in the same place, which would be at the candles in the Venomspite Tavern. First picture was with Elnoriah, my DK, and the second one being Eldadres. Both were carefully taken in the same spot and with using my skillage with graphics I flipped Eldadres’ picture so that it looked like he was next to Elnoriah in the same picture.  30 minutes later I came out with a what I call, decent looking banner. *Link*. Plagued Candles Web Banner

3. Wow I’m blowing through these, already on three! Anyways, the reason I made this banner wasn’t for the site sadly. (The bike still wins in my opinion =D) The REAL reason for the banner was get it hopefully put on WoW Headlines. My friend Klinderas, whom I’ve talked about to the point of it seeming like an obsession, (on which I swear it’s not) advised me to commit such acts to spread the word about what I am trying to do here! Write, about me! And honestly, the only people who aren’t reading this right now are the ones who don’t know about it! /ego. So, with that in the works I hope my popularity spreads, besides which I thought it was a nice excuse to try something new with my graphics stuff, as they say, practice makes perfect!

4. Last of all, I just got into a new guild! A friend of mine earlier during my EPIC VoA25 run was talking about his guild and saying they need more fabulous healers, such as myself, to fill their ranks for Naxx 25 and Uld. My last guild was pretty fun, but ya know I have been wanting some progression lately so I took him up on his offer. As long as my recent guild luck does not continue, I think I shall be staying here for quite some time and having a jolly old time downing the bastard Yogg-Saron himself!

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  1. June 5, 2009 6:26 PM

    I like the “it’s not healthful.” Clever. 🙂

    Best of luck with the new guild!

  2. June 6, 2009 6:55 PM


    Good luck with your new guild. You might just need it 😉

    • June 7, 2009 12:10 AM

      UPDATE: I am sooo not a fan of them…. though I did a naxx pug on mai tank and MT’d it. They’re pretty cool people so I may have found a new potential home.

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