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Elnoriah, Man of the Hour

June 2, 2009
That's one hunk of a Blood Elf!

That's one hunk of a Blood Elf!

Welcome back, seeing as my usual Realm of Smolderthorn is down and I have absolutely nothing better that I WANT to do, I think it’s time for another post! Okay, so I’ve talked a little about mys and attempted to talk of my first successful week of my 2’s team. What am I forgetting? Oh that’s right, you are all just dieing to hear me explain my Death Knight, Elnoriah. Before WOTLK came out, I was leveling up a paladin alt to become a tank and most likely would level him following Eldadres my healbot Holy Priest. Death Knights came out and I honestly shrugged it off until a friend of mine somehow influenced me to pick one up, thus creating Elnoriah. I have always been unholy on Elnoriah and to be honest, that’s really why I leveled him to 80. If it wasn’t for Death Knights being so ridiculously easy to level, my paladin would be my second 80 and tank. Anyways, enough about me, more about Elnoriah!

Bah, leveling, more like a cake walk, see I was supposed to be a PvP unholy/blood build right from the start, but after my first Ramps run where I got dragged into tanking, I decided to become a tank. Being a tank is always fun, the screaming at the computer when the healer lets you go to 5% health then shoots you up to 90%, and who doesn’t like taking 10 mobs plus the initial pull when some idiot walks into a group of them. Either way I am such a fan of unholy and I wanted a way to incorporate this in with my tanking. My memory being a keen as, well something with a keen memory, reminded me of some unholy DK tank that tanked a 25man Naxx. That guy was a damn good tank, sadly I don’t remember his name at this date, but I do know he was good, and he was unholy! Making some tweaks to his spec and tweaks to my spec I came up with what I think to be a decently original tanking spec which I’ll post later in the post when I get around to it. Anyways, it took no thought process or effort in my part to level this bad boy from 55-80.

They grow up so fast! *sob sob*

They grow up so fast! *sob sob*

Okay I already started to ramble on this subject, but my rambling this time will actually make sense! Basically as I said I saw this really good tank’s spec and it was unholy which of course is my favorite spec. Say what you will but I find through talents in the unholy tree seem to help do damage to multiple targets at once. Unholy Blight is a example of this, and only people who decide to put at least 20 points in unholy spec can acquire. This is a great way to use up some runic power, and to get some extra threat on large groups of mobs. (In my personal opinion, the more threat as a tank, the merrier!) Then if you look even deeper in the tree you will find Wandering Plague. This ability has a chance equal to your crit chance to do the damage your diseases tick for to ALL enemies within 8 yards. That’s not bad! Look at that, if you put points into Morbidity, your Death and Decay spell has a 15sec LESS cool-down time! For me, death and decay is one of my main threat building attacks that I can do on pretty much anything in most situations. So 15 seconds less time of it being on cool-down just means I get that many more seconds of being able to use it and generate much more threat.  Now you say, what else do I have to bring to the table as an Unholy Tank? Why other then getting more multi-mob threat, I also have some other nice talents in my arsenal. For instance, Magic Suppression this talent allows me to take 6% less damage from all magic attacks. Sure it’s not a Christ-almighty amount of damage, but it’s 6% less then I was taking before, but what I really love is that it allows Anti-Magic Shell to absorb 25% more spell damage. This ability allows me for 5 seconds to take 75% less spell damage. Now lets put the talent and the normal ability together. 75% + 25% = 100%!? Christ-Cookies, this means that if I’m in some sort of fight where I’m taking heavy magic damage and I need a WIN button right away, Anti-Magic Shell is there to save the day! Anti-Magic Zone is an ability I decided to pick up in my unholy tank tree. This works sort of like Anti-Magic Shell, but it’s an huge bubble of purple glory that comes out of the ground and shields everyone under it for 75% less spell damage for a certain amount of damage/time. Another WIN button for me against some boss battles and such that require me to take some decent spell hits.

Notice, person pulled to many, I use my unholyness to tank them!

Notice, person pulled to many, I use my Unholy Skills to tank them!

Okay, I think I’ve explained myself pretty well in that last bit right there as to why I chose unholy as my tanking spec. However, I am not saying it’s the best, or everyone should use it, I’m merely explaining myself for what I do. Personally I love to be different from many people and I honestly haven’t seen many Unholy tanks out there, but the thing I love about DK tanking, is that you really could be any tree you wanted, so long as you have some specific talents from the other trees you’re not focusing in. Unholy Tree what any Dk should take for his tank spec out of this is the talent Anticipation 5% more dodge chance is huge for a DK. Without shields and such, we Dk tanks rely completely on parrying and dodging a Mob/Boss’ attacks. So having 5% more of this crucial avoidance skill is pretty critical for any tank. Frost Tree honestly, this is a gimmey, I shouldn’t even have to explain this. Toughness get it, it will be your best friend ever! Armor reduces the amount of damage attacks hit you for, and who really likes to take more damage then they have to? Well at least anyone with common sense shouldn’t! Blood Tree, outta here everyone should take at least 5/5 points in Blade Barrier. In all honesty, you’re blood runes should always be on cool-down, so why not get something back for having this? With this great talent you take 5% less damage all the time when both blood runes are on CD. 5% less damage? That’s great, that’s like, getting 5 cookies out of 100 of them just because you tied your shoes. You were going to tie them anyways, but you got cookies for doing it instead! Bladed Armor I suppose you could live without this skill, but why would you want to? All DK abilities scale with your attack power. This much like the warrior talent Armored to the Teeth, gives you x amount of AP per 180 armor you have. Working with toughness and your frost presence ( Just got a Nerf to 60% bonus armor today /cry) you can get tons of AP off of this! Since the more AP you have the more damage you do with your abilities, and the more damage you do the more threat you generate, you win! More threat is generated, so you now can hold your targets that much more efficiently. In all honesty except for Bladed Armor, I don’t see how you could really tank without any of those three crucial talents in each of the three trees.

Okay since you’re all itching to comment on how great I am, here is my tanking spec that I use. I  forget the owner of the original talent that I based this off of, but I give this anonymous genius credit for inspiring me to change some aspects of his spec. CLICK HERE IF YOU WANT TO EXPERIENCE THE SPEC OF YOUR LIFE!!!1 *cough* I see my flaw here, uhh if you could switch to the Unholy tab… the blood would be my PVP spec which I will be explaining in an upcoming post, so epic your eyes will bleed lemonade!

Pirate AND Tank!? This Death Knight must have the endurance of Superman!

Pirate AND Tank!? This Death Knight must have the endurance of Superman!

Anyways, thank you all for reading this! And congratulations me on 100+ views! Yes, it’s not a large step, but it’s a step, a step that I swear will make the blogging universe say hey look, this kid is crazy, but he may have a shot!

ONE MORE THING, if you have questions, comments, concerns, or even just suggestions on what I should write about. Find how to contact me by clicking the contact page right above!

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  1. June 3, 2009 1:48 AM


    Otherwise, good stuff! Remember to spell check it once through…

    • June 3, 2009 2:18 AM

      Yes, see I was about to fix that then we started playing the DK’s, ha! Either way, I put a couple pictures in to Tear Down the Wall! Any better for you?

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