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The Dynamic Duo Week One

June 1, 2009
Klinderas: Where's Falco at?   Elnoriah: *burp*

Klinderas: ACK! My pet! E I thought I told you to stop eating them!

So, today I was doing some thinking about  a series to help kick off this blog with a bang! *insert explosion here* Of course I was thinking of this as Klinderas, blogger over at Slow Wolf, and I were doing our new favorite past-time of 2v2’s. Both of us have spent many hours of thinking, planning, and of course gearing for this amazing event. After all, how often is it that you see a DK and a Beastmaster Hunter working together in the arena? (Least I haven’t seen any other then us!) Specs have been thrown at each other to figure out the best one possible to pair up with each other. Mine has changed from one thing to another about four times now, as has his. ANYWAYS, I started rambling again, where was I? Oh yes! Anyways without further adieu, I present to you a weekly breakdown of our 2v2 in my first ever blog series… The Dynamic Duo!

What in hells bells do I plan on doing? Oh of course giving you the major details of what me and my beast master pal over there have done in our team, WTB CC PST. An overview of our team is just me a blood pvp spec and he of course, is beast master as always. Both of these specs have been modded by us and have evolved a few times. Before I start rambling again how about we cut to the chase, no?

May 28, THE Thursday to remember: Strolling into the great city of Lagaran *ahem*, Dalaran, I found myself in the sewers debating with the hunter as usual about starting a team for good old fashion two people on two people combat. Two days prior to that day we had whooped some asses in a skirmish to find if we were compatible to do a team to this magnitude. Of course this influenced the both of us that if we think a little more strategy wise we will have this and be unstoppable. I mean, really who doesn’t like to be unstoppable? I’m a TANK! Those thirty-nine matches felt like forever, and needless to say we did very well in my opinion. Holy pallys fell to the ground, dk’s were shot in the face, and the warlocks? They feared themselves.. we were that good. Winning almost half of our matches and ending that day with a score of about 533, we called it quits as my killing arm was getting severely tired.

June 1, Monday, or should I say Klinandmeownmorefaceday: Waking up from a nice nap I was in a mood for making people cry. Calling the hunter over I was quick to find that the feeling was mutual. Running as fast as our amazingly buff Blood Elf legs could take us, we arrived at the Undercity and Christ does that place reek, a reek that said, “Hey world, who wants to dis embody some people and turn their hair into a carpet?”. Finding the short green thing that wanted me to buy some watches (always say no, they’re not real!) we persuaded him into allowing us to head back into the arena. Only having enough time to play 5 whole matches, we decided to make the best of them. We got on another good winning streak again and won 4 out of 5 of our games. The loss was the first which as all great players of the arena like to call a “warm-up”.  Really, it’s not losing, we were just rusty! Either way, after the 5 games Klin said Au Revior and went to go get some kisses from the Mrs. Later that day, the duo found themselves crazed for blood, going into the arena they had a record that was 2 wins away from being a 50% w-l ratio… coming out 20 some odd games later, they came out over 51%! Both feeling the adrenaline rushing and the sweat pouring from their skin, they look at eachother and grinned. It was a job well done!

Yah, not too much detail since of course my brain is filled with blood lust and such, but that is a basic overview of how we how should I say “pwnd some peeps”. Oh right, you all think I’m so fantastic and you want to learn about the evolution of Elnoriah, PVP style? I think that is another story for another time!

/cliff hanger


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  1. June 2, 2009 3:02 AM

    Hair? As a Carpet?

    That’s just unfashionable. And grotesque. What are you, a troll?

    This was a lot of fun, and it was still funny for me reading this. Keep it up!


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